'Last Man Standing' Sneak Peek: Mike Baxter Preps His Grandson for Spontaneous Climbing Adventure (Exclusive)

Last Man Standing

Mike Baxter is helping his grandson prepare for their big climbing trip.

On Friday's episode of Last Man Standing, titled "Urban Exploring," Mike (Tim Allen) takes Boyd (Jet Jurgensmeyer) to a climbing wall after persuading him that "urbexing," a slang term for urban exploring, should be done in nature and not on city rooftops, where he may get hurt. But Boyd's mom, Mike's daughter Krista (Amanda Fuller), may have other ideas about Mike and Boyd's idea of adventure.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek, Mike goes to great lengths to make sure Boyd is well-equipped to "urbex" to his heart's content. 

"Look at you climbing that wall. You look like that arachnid boy in the funny papers!" Mike's pal and business partner. Ed (Hector Elizondo). hilariously observes, prompting Mike to call out his friend's dated Spider-Man reference: "How old are you?!"

When Boyd reaches midway up the wall, Mike gets nervous and advises him to slowly come back down, even though Boyd has far more spontaneous ideas.

"You're not always going to be four feet from the floor with a padded mat, kid," Mike says, before dropping a Trump joke: "With the right equipment, you can climb any wall. Just don't tell the president that."

Then, Ed gets nostalgic, sharing his past experiences with the mountains he's successfully climbed, from the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps to the El Capitan in Yosemite. Well, almost. Watch ET's exclusive clip below to see what happens next.

Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.


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