Lauren Graham Says She Mistook Her 'Parenthood' Co-Star Dax Shepard for Brad Pitt

Lauren Graham
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The former co-stars are also neighbors.

Lauren Graham once mistook Dax Shepard for another A-list star! Despite being neighbors with Shepard and co-starring with him on Parenthood  for six seasons, Graham didn't recognize the actor while driving around in their neighborhood.

"One day -- this is how I know we'll be friends until we die -- [Dax] was coming up the street in a car and I was driving down the street and he waved at me and I was like, 'Oh! That's Brad Pitt!' For whatever reason I thought he was Brad Pitt," she says on Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "And then he rolled down the window and I was like, 'I thought you were Brad Pitt.' And he's like, 'I love you forever.'"

"Yeah, Dax is a cute guy," she adds of the actor, who recently told DeGeneres about the time he hung out with Pitt.

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Throughout the sit-down, Graham also opens up about living next to Shepard and his wife, Kristen Bell, who have two daughters, Delta, 5, and Lincoln, 6.

"It's really cool. I mean, it's just so fun. Our neighborhood is fun and doing Parenthood with him was fun," she says. "He and Peter -- Peter [Krause] my boyfriend [and former Parenthood co-star] -- go on hikes together, which is adorable. And he has... his two girls and they have a real tough guy-looking Jeep kinda thing -- a Jeep for kids -- that they drive around the neighborhood."

"Dax is often out doing his own handyman work," Graham continues. "It is real. He's got a cut-off shirt and all of his tattoos. He's really that guy."

Graham appears on the show to promote her "incredible" new show, Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist, which premiered last month.

"It's singing and dancing," she says of the series. "... The idea is that [Zoe (Jane Levy)] hits her head -- 'cause that's what happens to people -- and then when she wakes up she hears people's thoughts in song."

During one musical number, Graham even found herself dancing on a bar. "I jump[ed] into the arms of a young man too. I'd never done that before," she quipped of the experience.

The second episode of Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist will air Feb. 16 on NBC.

In addition to Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist, it was announced on Wednesday that Graham will star in a 10-episode, half-hour comedy take on The Mighty Ducks for Disney +. 

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