Leonardo DiCaprio Shares His Thoughts on Whether Jack Could Have Fit on the Door in 'Titanic'

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DiCaprio's 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' co-stars also weighed in on the controversial scene.

Leonardo DiCaprio is addressing the biggest movie controversy of all time!

It's been over 20 years since the actor starred as Jack in Titanic and cinephiles are still wondering: Could Jack have fit on the door at the end of Titanic? The age-old question has been debated among many for years, with alternate endings seeing DiCaprio's beloved character get a happy ending with Kate Winslet's Rose.

Now, DiCaprio was finally asked his thoughts on whether Jack could have fit on the floating door during an MTV interview promoting Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt.

"Oh my gosh, I thought it. I remember bawling my eyes out when I was a [little] girl," Robbie instantly replies, with DiCaprio quickly saying, "I have no comment."

Pitt, sitting in the middle, adds, "That is funny. Well, I'm going to go back and look now, shoot." The 55-year-old actor then directs himself to DiCaprio and slyly asks, "Could you have squeezed there? You could've, couldn't you?"

As they all laugh, DiCaprio, with his arms crossed, replies: "No comment. Like, I said, I have no comment."

Winslet was asked the same question during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in 2017, where she admitted that from where she was lying, there was room for both Rose and Jack on that door.

"I lie. I fully lie. I hold my hand up, I let him go," Winslet told Colbert of her famous line, "I'll never let you go" -- though according to her, Jack's death wasn't just on Rose. "He just should have tried harder to get on that door, because I think we would have [fit]!"

Titanic director James Cameron has also touched on the subject. Watch below to hear his thoughts on the floating door ending.