Leslie Jordan on Wanting to Collaborate With Kacey Musgraves for Second Gospel Album (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the beloved actor at the ACM Awards on Sunday.

Leslie Jordan has a dream collaborator when it comes to his gospel music. ET spoke with the actor at the ACM Awards on Sunday, where he talked about his new gospel album, Company’s Comin', and having lunch with Kacey Musgraves.

Jordan released Company's Comin', a collection of classic and original gospel hymns, earlier this month. He talked to ET's Rachel Smith about how he landed collaborations with legends like Dolly Parton and Eddie Vedder.

"Well, the whole last year I did an album which I must tell you, I got off the bus in 1982 downtown Hollywood and I wanted to be an actor, you know?" he shares. "And all of that has happened, but nowhere in that dream was oh, recording a gospel album. The way it happened, I won't go into, but it just is amazing and I recorded an old gospel album and I went on direct messages and asked everybody I could to do it with me -- Dolly, Tanya Tucker, Chris and Morgane Stapleton, ... Brandi Carlile, Eddie Vedder."

"First album ever and they just said, 'Yeah, sure,'" he continues. "And so we laid down an album called Company's Comin' and none of us were in the same place but it sounds just like we're in the living room. We holler and praise the Lord and you wouldn't believe it, it's just wonderful, it's so uplifting and fun. And the response has been overwhelming."

Jordan said he definitely plans on releasing a second album and would love to collaborate with Musgraves.

"Oh my god, I got to have lunch today with Kacey Musgraves and ... and I thought, gosh, you know, but I didn't bring it up," he says. "And listen, over on the other side was Fancy Hagood. And I thought, wouldn't he be fun? I mean, just people I meet, it's gotta be something, it can't just be somebody the producers come and go, 'Here,' and I don't know them. You know, it's gotta be fun and so we've already planned on a second one."

Jordan presented the Best Duo award at the ACMs that aired on CBS on Sunday and was introduced by none other than Parton herself. The Will & Grace actor wasn't shy with ET about gunning for an ACM award next year.

"They said, you know it's too late to get a nomination this year and I said, 'Well, I'll go out there and kick up a little dust, you know, I'll open the door for next year.'"