Leslie Jordan Shares How He Hilariously Recreated Kim Kardashian's Met Gala Look (Exclusive)

The actor also touches on his appearance on Fox's 'Fantasy Island.'

Leslie Jordan knows how to make people laugh.

The 66-year-old actor got a kick from Kim Kardashian's Met Gala look that he couldn't help but recreate it at home. Jordan stopped by Friday's Entertainment Tonight, where he shared how he hilariously recreated the reality star's Balenciaga statement-making look with his own personal clothing.  

"I had my underpants. I had a pair of grey underpants that looked like that same color and I put those on and I put the grey sweats," he told ET's Nischelle Turner. "So I put together my own little outfit."

The side-by-side pic he posted on his Instagram got a slew of likes and fun comments from fellow stars, including Bobby Berk, Jaimie Alexander and Katie Couric, praising him.

While he hasn't attended fashion's biggest night, Jordan did have a couple questions about the event and what people do when they wear elaborate outfits.

"What I wonder is if they had all of that on and they get in, is it an actual party? I mean is it a party, party?" he asked. "Like, if we have a train that is as big as this studio, what do you do? Just sit there?"

While he may have fun dressing up on social media, the Call Me Kat actor noted that his personal style is more "conservative" these days.

"All of my clothes come from Brooks Brothers. When I was young I would get clothes, I had a company I went to called Loud Mouth that had all of this bright stuff," he recalled. "I am getting more and more and more conservative. I am 66 and I don't want to look like a fool!"

Jordan, meanwhile, makes an appearance on Sunday's season finale of Fox's Fantasy Island. The show is a reboot/sequel to the original 1978 series starring Ricardo Montalbano as Mr. Roarke. Roselyn Sanchez portrays his direct descendant, Elena Roarke.

"They called for me to be on that show and I said, 'Well I'm not gonna holler, 'Da plane, da plane.' I'm not gonna play that part," Jordan noted of Hervé Villechaize's character Tattoo's line. "You know in the reboot, which is with Roselyn Sanchez, they don't have a Tattoo. So I'm a guest on the island and I'm not nice at all."

"[My character's] awful. He runs an art gallery down in Miami and he mentors young artists," he shared. "He tells [Elena], 'I'm scared I'm gonna go to hell.'"

See how it all goes down in Fantasy Island's season finale airing Sunday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m on Fox.