Liam Hemsworth Joins Fiancée Miley Cyrus for Adorable, Surprise 'Saturday Night Live' Cameo

During 'The Price is Right Celebrity Edition,' Miley got some screen time with her real-life love, before slaying as the night's musical guest with two powerful tracks of her new album.

While Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, musical guest Miley Cyrus managed to steal the spotlight more than once.

Especially when she got a little help from her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, in a surprise cameo appearance.

During a sketch called "The Price is Right Celebrity Edition" – which served mostly as an impression showcase for the cast – Miley played a bright-eyed contestant named Amanda who gets paired up with Chris Hemsworth (played by a bearded Alex Moffat with an over-the-top Australian accent).

After the Thor star introduced himself by rambling on about his travels to Australian locations no one's ever heard of, Miley's character looks up at him with a huge smile.

"You're really cute," she gushes.

"Yeah, sorry love, I'm married," Chris replies.

"Do you have a brother?" she shoots back, all but winking to the audience, before the sketch moves on.

The game show parody also saw newest cast member Chris Redd show off his Lil Wayne impression and Kate McKinnon bust out her insane Tilda Swinton impression.

As the show took opening bids on a washing machine – presented by Cecily Strong as Sofia Vergara and guest star Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett – the bidding went around to all the celebs. Lil Wayne bid $92,000 on behalf of his teammate (played by Keenan Thompson), while Tilda bid David Bowie's soul, despite the protests of her partner (Leslie Jones).

So, when the bidding came around to Chris and Amanda, the handsome star asked to "phone a friend," and brought out the real-life Liam.

"I got here as soon as you called, mate," Liam said, as his ladylove beamed.

As for how much they wanted to bid on the washer, Chris explained, "You see, in the Outback, we don't really use money. We rely on a complex bartering system."

"Oh, no, that ain't good," Miley's Amanda said, concerned.

"We bid 150 crocodile teeth!" Liam yelled, slamming his hand down on the podium and laughing with his bro.

The last team-up saw David reprise his famed Bernie Sanders impression, as the Vermont senator was paired up with a hopeful contestant named Derrick – played by Pete Davidson, who is actually dating David's daughter, Cazzie.

Bernie and Derrick end up winning the bid when the notoriously frugal political suggested he only bid eight cents, and since it was the only amount of actual money anyone bid other than $92,000, their team won.

Miley's on-screen time with Liam was sweet but brief, but the "Younger Now" singer really shined during her two, powerful performances throughout the show.

For her first performance, Miley sang a rollicking rendition of "Bad Mood," that blew the roof off Studio 8H.

The singer looked stunning and sultry in a long, black gown with mesh top and sleeves, and thigh-high slit that showed off a lot of leg.

Miley's second performance saw her powerfully belt out the emotional single "I Would Die For You," for which the songstress donned a pair of white pants and an ivory corset top.

Miley is no stranger to the hallowed halls of Saturday Night Live's home in 30 Rockefeller Center. The singer has hosted the sketch comedy series three times, twice serving as both host and musical guest.

The last time she hosted was in October 2015 for the season 41 premiere, back when she was still firmly in her wild child phase. Check out the video below for a look at her time on SNL, and some of her crazier fashion choices.

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