Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Why Her Boyfriend Is Choosing to Keep His Identity Private Amid Her Pregnancy

Lindsay Hubbard is currently expecting her first child. Her new boyfriend is choosing to keep his identity private.

Lindsay Hubbard is revealing why she's staying mum about her boyfriend's identity.

After the Summer House star's new boyfriend was reportedly identified by fan sites, Hubbard -- who is currently pregnant -- took to her Instagram Story to share her thanks to accounts that are respecting her beau's privacy.

Hubbard's statement was written over a fan account's post that read, "I'm aware Lindsay's boyfriends [sic] identity has been made public online. While we painted a picture of who he was we never reveal names, employment etc [sic] of private people. If and when she posts him on her public insta then it's fair game. Until then we don't post info."

After thanking that account and others like it, Hubbard, 37, assured fans, "This is not about us being proud of each other or not. He is so beyond proud to be my boyfriend and father of my child, and vice versa."

"We are very much in love and have a beautiful relationship," she added. "This is about his work, his privacy, and the fact that it is not his job to be public like me."

Lindsay Hubbard's post on her Instagram Story. - Instagram / Lindsay Hubbard

Hubbard announced that she's expecting a baby on Fourth of July, more than a year after her engagement to her Summer House co-star, Carl Radkecame to an end

"Trigger Warning: This post contains more fireworks than the 4th of July! WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!! I truly believe the universe has a bigger plan and this is it!" she captioned the post. "My boyfriend and I are beyond excited to welcome our little #HubbCub this Holiday season 2024!!"

Shortly thereafter, Hubbard posted a life update on Instagram, which included a photo with her mystery man. Though his face was obscured with a brown heart emoji, Hubbard revealed that he accompanied her to a wedding in Portugal.

"4 weddings, 2 magazine cover shoots, 1 WWHL, 1 reunion taping, a sandwich shop opening, 1 Kleinfeld launch event, and a magazine party.. most all in my first trimester, and all before I announced," she wrote. "Hiding this news has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do! (Mentally, emotionally, and physically)"

Hubbard's pregnancy reveal came on the heels of the news that both she and Radke will return for Summer House's ninth season, which is currently in production.

It's no surprise that Hubbard has moved to a more private romance since her highly-publicized split from Radke. In November 2023, she said she was "done with these Bravo guys." Then, in February, she told ET that her dating priorities had changed.

"My definition of individual success changes as the years go on, right?" she said. "I'm pivoting my individual success, so if I'm putting too much pressure on the 'engagement, marriage, babies' portion of it, then maybe that's not what the universe wants for me."

Hubbard first teased her mystery man during a May appearance on the B**ch Bible podcast, revealing they reconnected after first dating during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Some of my friends call it, like, a boomerang, where you go out the first time, the timing wasn’t right, and then they come back around," Hubbard revealed.

The initial split came from her now-boyfriend and was done in "such a respectful way." So when he reached out in December 2023, Hubbard "put him on ice for a month" before agreeing to a date.