Lindsay Hubbard Shares Glimpse of New Boyfriend After Announcing Pregnancy

Lindsay Hubbard announced that she's expecting her first baby with her new boyfriend less than a year after her split from Carl Radke.

Lindsay Hubbard isn't ready to tell us who her baby daddy is, but she's dropping hints.

Hubbard, 37, shocked the Summer House fandom last week when she announced that she's pregnant with her first child. Since Hubbard shared that she has a bun in the oven, fans have wondered who her new boyfriend is. The Bravo star has been secretive about her new relationship since she was left "blindsided" by Carl Radke when he called off their wedding less than a year ago.

On Monday, Hubbard took to Instagram to explain how busy her first trimester was, sharing a jam-packed schedule consisting of magazine shoots, weddings and filming. As for a wedding she attended in Portugal on April 20, Hubbard wrote that "baby daddy was there to help." In her Instagram carousel, she even shared a pic with her mystery man. His identity was still concealed though, as a brown heart emoji covered his face.

"Hiding this news has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! (Mentally, emotionally, and physically)," she captioned in part. A few days ago, she added that she's "relieved and excited to finally be able to celebrate openly, and with the world."

Hubbard's engagement to Radke ended in August 2023. The two became close friends on Summer House's first season, which debuted in January 2017. After a few false starts at dating, they officially confirmed their romance in January 2022. In June of that same year, the couple confirmed to ET that they were moving in with each other and were "excited" to take that next step. Radke proposed to Hubbard later that year during the show’s seventh season. They were meant to get married in November 2023, but ET confirmed that they had broken up on Aug. 31.

"Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard have called off their engagement. The two were set to get married in November, but Carl told Lindsay he couldn't move forward with the wedding. The breakup was filmed and will most likely play out on the next season of Summer House," multiple sources told ET at the time.

Last week, a source close to production confirmed to ET that both Radke and Hubbard will return for season 9 of Summer House, after documenting their split on season 8. The series began filming that week in Water Mill, New York.

In November 2023 at BravoCon, Hubbard dished about moving on in her romantic life.

"I'm trying to just think who I'm gonna date next. I'm kind of done with these Bravo guys," she quipped at the time. "I've circled this universe for a little too long with the guys."

In February, she told ET that she was dating and had a shift in her priorities.

"My definition of individual success changes as the years go on, right?" she shared. "I'm pivoting my individual success, so if I'm putting too much pressure on the 'engagement, marriage, babies' portion of it, then maybe that's not what the universe wants for me."

Hubbard also told ET that she had frozen her eggs, but didn't plan to touch those and had no intention of becoming a mom on her own. 

And in May, Hubbard spoke about her new mystery man on the B**ch Bible podcast, revealing they reconnected after first dating during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Some of my friends call it, like, a boomerang, where you go out the first time, the timing wasn’t right, and then they come back around," Hubbard revealed.

The initial split came from her now-boyfriend, but was done in "such a respectful way." But in December 2023, he reached out to Hubbard again. Hubbard said she "put him on ice for a month" before agreeing to a date.