Lindsay Lohan 'Would Love' to Reunite With 'Freaky Friday' Co-Star Jamie Lee Curtis (Exclusive)

The 'Falling for Christmas' star addressed rumors about a sequel to the Disney classic.

While promoting her new Netflix film, Falling for Christmas, Lindsay Lohan took a moment to look back on one of her hits, Freaky Friday, which turns 20 next year. "You're aging me," she joked, when ET's Denny Directo brought up the upcoming anniversary for the acclaimed body-swap remake starring her and Jamie Lee Curtis

"I love Jamie. I would definitely love to work together again, and we have spoken so we will see," Lohan added, while addressing fans' hopes that she will reunite with her co-star. 

When asked specifically about doing a sequel, she said, "I think when you work with such incredible people, you always want to have a chance to work with them again, especially when so much time has passed. And to share those experiences and bring something great back to life for a new audience to see and a different generation, I think it's just the best." 

Lohan's talk of another Freaky Friday film came after Curtis made headlines when she spoke with ET about "recently" discussing the idea of reprising her role in the Disney classic. 

The 2003 film starred Lohan as Anna Coleman and Curtis as her mom, Tess. After receiving cryptic fortunes at a Chinese restaurant, the pair woke up to discover that they've switched bodies, and were unable to switch back until a solution can be found.

Now, nearly two decades later, Curtis insists that Tess would "be a grandma," explaining that "just watching Lindsay try to be a grandma [in a sequel] makes me laugh, and then me being a grandma trying to take care of toddlers makes me laugh. So, I'm assuming it'll be something, or it won't be anything, we don't even know yet."

While nothing has been confirmed, Curtis shared she still keeps in touch with Lohan and that the two have been texting recently. "I got a text from her out of the blue one day, I hadn't talked to her in a year or so," Curtis shared. "I got a, 'Hey, Jamie, it's Lynds.' I said, 'Prove it.' She goes, 'What do you mean?' I go, 'What was the song that you and I tried to learn the rap in the middle of while we were shooting the french fry scene in the car in Freaky Friday when we were stuck in the car for hours?' And then she wrote back the answer."

The texter was indeed Lohan, who correctly identified the song as "Like I Love You" by Justin Timberlake.


Until a sequel is confirmed, Lohan can be seen playing a hotel heiress who suffers from amnesia after a skiing accident in Netflix's all-new holiday rom-com, which premieres Nov. 10. The film marks Lohan's first major role since 2013's The Canyons and Scary Movie 5. Since then, she had a supporting role in the 2019 supernatural thriller Among the Shadows

"I haven't been on set in such a long time that I was so excited to be there. Like, nothing could bother me. I was just in the happiest spirits and then put Christmas on top of that and especially working with Chord [Overstreet], we had a lot of fun," Lohan said of making the movie, which co-stars the Glee actor as a handsome lodge owner who takes care of her character while she's recovering. 

"It was just a great environment," she added before Overstreet echoed her sentiment about the good vibes on set. "There was just so much, like, great energy around with everybody. So, the tone was set from day one. I don't think anybody could have had a bad time."