Lisa Marie Presley Dead: Who Gets Custody of Her Twin Daughters

The late daughter of Elvis Presley shared 14-year-old twins with her ex, Michael Lockwood.

Lisa Marie Presley's teen twins are in mourning. Elvis and Priscilla Presley's daughter died on Jan. 12 after suffering cardiac arrest, leaving behind two minor children, 14-year-old twins Finley and Harper. 

Lisa Marie shared the teens with her ex-husband, Michael Lockwood. After a contentious split, Lisa Marie, who was living with her first husband, Danny Keough, at the time of her death, had the girls 60 percent of the time, while Michael had them the remaining 40 percent. 

Following Lisa Marie's death, entertainment lawyer Mitra Ahouraian tells ET that Michael will likely get full custody of Finley and Harper as "there is a lot of deference given to the the biological parent."

"We do have a biological father who already had 40 percent physical custody... Danny was in the home with Lisa Marie as a stepfather with these children. Lisa Marie had 60 percent custody, so we can assume there is some relationship there," Mitra says. "However, the court is going to look at the fact that the biological parent should have, at the very least, 100 percent legal custody, the ability to make all of the important decisions in the children's lives."

Some of those decisions include where the girls go to school and live, both of which, Mitra speculates, will likely be up to Michael.

"Sources say they're already not going back to the home where their mother passed away [because] it's too traumatic," she says of the teens. "... Michael and Danny both live quite close to one another, so they're not super far, so I don't see a need to change schools. So I think that in terms of physical custody, it's probably going to go to the biological father with perhaps some visitation rights with the stepfather."

Additionally, Mitra believes that neither the girls' grandmother, Priscilla, nor their sister, Riley Keough, have "any right to step in in terms of having custody or any sort of guardianship."

"I don't think that there are any concerns at this time with his physical fitness and well-being like there were early on in the separation, so I see him getting 100 percent custody," Mitra says. "... I don't see the need for other family members to really step in."

Another thing that could impact the decision about where Finley and Harper live is the teens themselves.

"The twins are now 14 years old. They have minds of their own. They have preferences in terms of where they want to go to school, who they want to live with, and so the court is going to take that into consideration," Mitra says. "...  The court is definitely going to honor that and give some deference to that. It's not going to be their decision, at the end of the day the court is going to look at the best interest of the twins, but they will certainly take into account where the twins feel comfortable living."

A source close to Michael tells ET that, as of now, he has legal and physical custody of his daughters with Lisa Marie.

"He obtained full custody the moment Lisa Marie died. Michael will do whatever he has to do to protect it," the source says. "There was no back and forth between Danny and Michael. Both the girls and Priscilla are enjoying their time together right now. They are spending all their time with Michael trying to keep it normal as possible without their mother."

"Priscilla is doing everything she can for her grandchildren. She is there for those girls during this time," the source adds. "Nobody wants bad blood right now. They don't want any more suffering. It is not about territory. Michael is handling it as best as he can. The girls are Michael's top priority. All everyone wants are smiles on the girls' faces."