Lizzo Poses Fully Nude in Racy Instagram Photos and Video

Lizzo 1280
Rich Fury/Getty Images

The 31-year-old singer is stripping down.

Lizzo is baring it all!

In a series of Instagram posts on Sunday, the 31-year-old singer posed completely nude on an orange couch. 

In one shot, Lizzo uses her hair to cover her breasts as she sits with her legs crossed. Another photo shows Lizzo posing on her knees while leaning against the couch. For the third and final pic, the "Truth Hurts" singer sits on the top of the couch with her legs spread, using only her hair and hands for coverage.

"Paint me like ya French b**ch ?," she captioned the photos, quoting Kate Winslet's character, Rose, in Titanic.

Lizzo also shared a video from her nude photo shoot, in which she's crawling on her hands and knees toward the camera. "Omw.... ?," she wrote alongside the clip.

ET's Keltie Knight caught up with Lizzo back in September and the "Good as Hell" singer opened up about why she works to maintain positivity in both her life and music.

"It's definitely intentional. I want to feel good," she said. "When I was younger I had a friend who was always helping me out with self-care and he would be like, 'You know, you gotta take some time to meditate and you gotta eat bagels with cream cheese and you gotta chill.' And I was like, 'You're so good at this. You're so good at being happy.' And he was like, 'Well I'm only good at being happy because I was so sad. I need it the most.'"

"And it's the same with me," she continued. "I need this music to be my therapy because I have been so low. And I refuse to live life like that anymore."

Watch the video below for of ET's interview with Lizzo.