Lizzo Uses Ellen's ‘Average Andy’ as a Human Shield in Haunted House

Lizzo and Average Andy
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The 'Truth Hurts' rapper wasn't afraid to protect herself first.

"I'm 100 percent that scary a** b**ch," Lizzo declares at the start of her haunted house tour with Ellen DeGeneres' famous producer "Average Andy." But as the "Truth Hurts" rapper and the fraidy cat producer make their way through the haunted house, it's clear that Lizzo is just as scared as anyone inside the spooky attraction. 

She starts off by getting creative, literally twerking the monsters away, repeating, "Get yo a** out the way."

And as she makes it through different stages of the haunted house, she starts shouting, "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus!" before Andy jokingly screams that he's "Jewish!"

About halfway through, Lizzo even considers abandoning Andy, shouting, "F**k you, I'm out!" and running, but they eventually reunite. 

Showing her true survivalist side, Lizzo then grabs Andy, using his as a human shield as she tries to get through the scariest parts of the house. 

When she finally makes it outside, one last monster jumps out at her, causing the rapper to fall to the ground in her thigh-high boots, screaming. 

"Why did they end it that way? F**k, my weave," she shouts. 

Every year DeGeneres sends Andy through various haunted houses with celebrities. Already this year he's gone through another house with comedian Tiffany Haddish. Watch the clips for more funny antics.