Logan Lerman Looks Back on 'Jack & Bobby,' The WB's Underrated Gem, 16 Years Later (Exclusive)

Logan Lerman
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Logan Lerman has already had quite a career. At 28, the actor has toplined a film franchise (Percy Jackson), starred in indie hits (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and dipped his toe in Amazon's Hunters. But there was a beloved, little-known TV show called Jack & Bobby that still holds a special place in Lerman's heart.

The coming-of-age political drama, which starred Christine Lahti, Matt Long, Jessica Pare, John Slattery and Bradley Cooper (before he was movie star Bradley Cooper), centered on two teenage brothers, Jack (Long) and Bobby (Lerman). One of them would eventually become president of the United States from 2041 to 2049. The series, which took place in two time periods, lasted only one season after The WB canceled it in 2005.

With much of the world self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic, Lerman was asked whether a virtual Jack & Bobby cast reunion -- a hot commodity nowadays -- could be on the docket. The question was a pleasant surprise for the young actor. "Most people don’t even know Jack & Bobby, although some people do and it’s really flattering," he told ET's Ash Crossan during a recent interview for his new film, End of Sentence, over Zoom. "I thought nobody watched this show and somehow that’s another one that people still talk about."

Though the series had a loyal following, the ratings weren't enough for it to continue past its initial run. Lerman was candid about why he felt the show wasn't given a shot to succeed. "[It] wasn’t really given a chance to get there. It was on the wrong network, first and foremost," he reflected, before jokingly quipping, "We took down the WB!"

Even so, Lerman is all for the idea of bringing together the cast of Jack & Bobby during the era of social distancing. "A show reunion would be so cool. I haven’t seen those people in so long, like 16 years or something like that," he revealed. "Some of the most important experiences of my life were making that show. That was the year where I really started to love filmmaking and really learn about all elements of a production. A lot of people that I met during that period of time were hugely influential on me and my development as a human being and I loved that experience. That would be cool to have a reunion one day, but it’d be so strange just because it’s been so long and I was a kid." (Lerman was 12 when the show debuted in 2004.) 

Jack & Bobby

Logan Lerman and Matt Long on the set of The WB's 'Jack & Bobby' on July 30, 2004.

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Though Jack & Bobby is not streaming anywhere, with the launch of WarnerMedia's HBO Max streaming service, Lerman hopes it makes its way on there eventually -- and maybe be introduced to new audiences. "Actually, that's a good point," he expressed. "Maybe it will be on there. That would be pretty cool if people found that show nowadays and enjoyed it. But it’s a cool show for sure."

Currently, Lerman can be seen in the road trip indie End of Sentence, opposite John Hawkes. The story kicks off when Hawkes' Frank Fogle, a widower, embarks on a journey to honor his wife's last wish of spreading her ashes in a remote lake in Ireland and a promise to take his estranged son, Sean (Lerman), along for the trip. 

"I hope it finds viewers. I hope that people see it and I hope that it continues in its long life years from now, that it ends up on platforms [and] gets even more visibility 'cause I think it's a very beautiful film," Lerman said. "Unlike a lot of the films and content we get nowadays, it's a pretty stripped-down human story."

Lerman called the experience filming on location in Ireland "incredible." "Ireland is a character in this film. We got to spend a lot of time there," he said. "In terms of the movie, just seeing it as an audience member, it's so beautiful and Ireland is such a distinct character in the film and it's a really cool place. I had a great time living in Ireland. I loved it. We worked in Dublin and I fell in love with the country and a lot of the people that I met out there. Just had a great experience making this movie."

End of Sentence is available On Demand now.

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