Logan Paul Says He's Officially Appealing Boxing Match Defeat: 'I Just Don't Feel Like I Lost'

Logan Paul
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Logan Paul isn't taking his second loss in the boxing ring to Olajide "KSI" Olatunji lying down.

On Sunday, the YouTube personality released a new video in which he shares his emotional process following the split decision defeat last Saturday, Nov. 9. He also announces that he will formally appeal the loss, which, he argues, was the result of the referee's decision to dock him two points for hitting behind KSI's head in the fourth round.

"I wanted you guys to hear this from me first," the 24-year-old states. "My team and I have decided to file an official appeal for the fight because we just don't believe that the outcome was right… That resonates with me to my core."

"One of my biggest fears with this whole thing is being a sore loser," Paul continues. "And that's why I'm making this video a week after the fight. It's 'cause I really had to check myself and make sure I wasn't doing this because I was afraid of losing… By no means am I afraid of losing. In fact, I welcome it because it's the only way I tend to experience growth in my life."

At another point in the video, the vlogger argues for the unjustness of the point deduction on a technical level.

"I did some research and the last time two points were taken away from a professional fight was, like, over a decade ago," he says. "It doesn't happen a lot. One of the times that it happened was when Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear off and spit it on the floor, which was one of the nastiest things that's ever happened in boxing."

Paul adds: "It's one of those situations where the punishment simply did not fit the crime."

The internet personality also took a moment to consider all the good aspects that came out of his match against KSI at the Staples Center, noting the celebrity support from the likes of Justin Bieber and just how big the event turned out to be.

"I just don't feel like I lost," Paul states. "And how could I? JJ and I came together to literally shift culture. This event was unprecedented. We showed the world how strong this new age of digital media is and you guys, us, the YouTube community, how strong we are when we come together."

ET recently spoke with KSI about the match and asked him if he'd be willing to fight Paul again following their match last Saturday and in Manchester, England, in August 2018.

"I feel like it's over because he had two chances to beat me," he said. "I was a champion. He had a chance to beat me last year -- he didn't. He had a chance to beat me the year -- still didn't, so it's done right now. I feel like it's finished."

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