'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' Trailer: Tearful Raven Talks SK Allegedly Cheating on Her

In the three-episode special's first trailer, there's plenty of drama from the season 3 exes.

After the Altar is about to get into the drama that took place after Love Is Blind season 3 wrapped. In the first trailer for the three-episode Netflix special, we see fan favorites reunite to give an update on their romantic lives since the show wrapped last fall. 

Viewers previously saw Raven and SK confirm that they'd rekindled their romance during the show's reunion special in November 2022. But weeks later, the pair split amid cheating allegations

In the After the Altar trailer, a tearful Raven is seen sharing, "SK cheated on me. I truly had no idea."

In another part of the trailer, we see SK planning to proposal to Raven a second time after initially turning her down at the altar. There's even a sparkly square-cut diamond ring flashed for the cameras. 

But despite the second proposal, the two are currently split. Raven tells the camera, "I still believe in love."

Last fall, multiple women came forward on TikTok accusing SK of cheating on Raven without their knowledge. Several shared photos and screenshots of alleged texts they exchanged with the business school student while he was supposedly still in a relationship with Raven. 

SK later said on Instagram that after he told Raven "I do not" at the altar, they left the show "as single individuals who went back to dating other people."

He added, "While our journey back together hasn’t been straightforward, the unique emotional connection we developed from this experiment kept us together as friends and helped rekindle our relationship after the fact. These allegations have been falsely misrepresented with malicious intent to extort, and we are actively pursuing legal actions against the accuser."

As for the other singles from Love Is Blind, they're not without their own After the Altar drama. Nancy and Bartise reveal that they've been meeting up regularly for the past year despite Nancy's family not approving of her ex. And Zanab and Cole are preparing to come face-to-face at Alexa's birthday party. 

"Am I anticipating drama? 100 percent," Cole admits. 

Love Is Blind: After the Altar premieres Friday, Feb. 10 on Netflix. 


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