'Love Is Blind' Alum Kyle Abrams Gets Engaged as Co-Star Natalie Lee Accuses Him of Using Deepti for 'Clout'

Kyle briefly dated Deepti after his split from Shaina Hurley on season 2 of 'Love Is Blind.'

Kyle Abrams is engaged! The Love Is Blind season 2 alum took to Instagram on Monday to share video of his romantic proposal to girlfriend Tania Deleanos.

In the clip, a suit-clad Kyle popped the question in a room covered in candles and rose petals as Tania, dressed in a black gown, excitedly accepted his proposal.

It looks like Kyle didn't use his mother's engagement ring this time as he credited Plum Diamonds for the massive sparkler he gave his future bride.

Kyle initially proposed to Shaina Hurley on season 2 of Love Is Blind, using his mother's engagement ring. Despite clearly having reservations about his religious preferences, Shaina accepted the proposal only to split from Kyle on their trip to Mexico.

Later in the show's reunion, Kyle confessed to having feelings for co-star Deepti Vempati, whom he connected with in the pods. Fans excitedly spotted Kyle and Deepti out in Chicago together after filming wrapped and their will-they/won't-they friendship played out in the show's After the Altar special.

Though Kyle asked Deepti to be his girlfriend at the end of the special, he later revealed that they'd split months before the special aired and that he had started a new romance with Tania.


Coincidentally, prior to Kyle announcing his engagement on Monday, Deepti and her co-star, Natalie Lee, released a new episode of their Out of the Pods podcast on Monday, where they briefly spoke about her romance with Kyle.

"There was a lot of amazing moments for me. It was the chapter I needed for sure," Deepti said of her short-lived romance with Kyle. "I knew he had to be in my life for a reason."

Natalie laughed off Deepti's comments, claiming, "You see things so positively. I think after everything Kyle has done to you, I have such a grudge against him. We spoke about this in another interview outside of this podcast about how he truly just used you for clout. I think that you were very genuine on your end... I don't think he was very genuine."

Deepti agreed, saying, "Yeah, there probably was some incentive to be around me or with me. But it sucks because there were so many moments that we spent together alone and he didn't have to do any of that. Yeah, I totally agree. It's not black and white, there's a lot of gray area there."

Back in September 2022, Deepti opened up to ET about the reason for her split from Kyle.

"We just realized that we are walking different paths and we want different things out of life and to allow ourselves to grow and to become better people, we just knew we had to take that road alone," Deepti told ET at the time. "Our experience was great, but we just realized that we're better as friends."