'Love Is Blind' Alum Shayne Calls Out Ex Natalie for Podcast Comments, Offers to Appear as a Guest

The two were engaged on season 2 of 'Love Is Blind' before Natalie called things off at the altar.

Things are getting messy in the Love Is Blind world, but not all of the drama is coming from the cast of the season currently streaming on Netflix.

Season 2 alums Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati have started their new podcast, Out of the Pods, where they are discussing season 4 of the hit reality dating show.

Natalie previously noted that she doesn't think newcomer Micah Lussier is "genuine" on the show based on things that "production sources" have told her.

When Out of the Pods posted a clip to Instagram of Natalie discussing Micah's relationship with her fiancé, Paul Peden, comparing it to how Natalie behaved on the show with her now-ex, Shayne Jansen, it raised some eyebrows.

"I feel like her and Paul are doing the same thing that Shayne and I did. I wouldn't say we faked our scenes, but we definitely hid a lot from the camera," Natalie said on the podcast. "We did agree to put our best foot forward and never to fight or put our problems on camera for the reason of if we have kids one day, we don't want them to watch them fighting on TV."

Natalie added of herself and Shayne, "In reality we were fighting quite a bit behind the scenes."

One commenter wrote, "Shayne said the same thing and Natalie released a statement saying he was lying but she’s confirming it?? I’m confused lol."

Natalie replied to this comment, writing from the Out of the Pods account, "Natalie here. There’s a difference of scripting conversations vs hiding fights. Shayne lied when he said I scripted what we would say before scenes (I don’t think I could even control him like that even if I wanted to). But we decided not to fight onscreen."

Shayne wasn't going to let Natalie's comment slide, and replied to it, writing, "Open invite to your podcast. Let’s clear the air once for all. I’ll boost your numbers for you both. Ask anything you want to me fair game. Just as long as I can record myself. I’ll wait."

Shayne Jansen/ Instagram

Shayne took a screenshot of his comment, posting to his Instagram Stories over the weekend and writing, "I swear on all holy. This is the last I'll speak of this. The invite is out I'll be waiting @outofthepods."

Natalie and Shayne were engaged on season 2 of Love Is Blind, but after an off-camera fight the night before their wedding, Natalie ended up saying no at the altar. The exes have rekindled and ended their romance multiple times since filmed wrapped on the show, with their drama often playing out on social media.

Natalie and Deepti released a new podcast on Monday, but did not mention Shayne's comment. They did, however, acknowledge Micah's response to Natalie's comments.


After Natalie called out Micah for not being "genuine" on the show, Micah spoke to ET, saying, "I think that she should have taken the time to talk to me or Paul before saying something like that. She went through this experience. She knows how things can be portrayed or feel. I'm sure she went through the same thing with Shayne, so I think that maybe she should have given me a little grace, especially in something that's so incredibly untrue."

Micah also told ET that she'd potentially be willing to appear on the podcast and clear the air, but that she was hesitant due to Natalie's lack of fact checking. During Monday's episode, Natalie responded to Micah's comments.

"I respect her response, like, what is she going to say?" Natalie said of Micah. "We'd love to have her on the podcast. I would love to hear her side of the story. I think we've heard from a few people who are close to the set or close to Love Is Blind that they aren't very genuine, so I'd love to hear her perspective of it."

The Love Is Blind season 4 finale drops Friday, April 14, and the live reunion special streams Sunday, April 16 on Netflix.