'Love Is Blind' Reunion Sneak Peek: Diamond and Carlton Look Back at Their Heated Exchange (Exclusive)

Carlton on 'Love Is Blind'

Warning: Do not read on if you haven't finished season one of Love Is Blind. Spoilers ahead!

Love Is Blindfans didn't have long to ship Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack before the pair called it quits on their Mexico getaway shortly after their engagement. On the trip, Carlton decided to share with his new fiancee that he was bisexual, and when she didn't react the way he wanted her to, he immediately became hostile, even calling her a "b**ch" on camera, causing her to throw a drink in his face and walk out. 

"In my way maybe I should have approached it a lot differently and been more comforting and maybe approached it in a way of saying that, I respect you as a person," Diamond admits in ET's exclusive new sneak peek clip for the Netflix series' upcoming reunion episode. 

A tearful Carlton notes that he "would have done whatever it takes" to be married or in love like some of the other couples from the show. 

"I think, in that moment, I went back into my shell. It was a shell that was difficult breaking out of, not to mention in front of the world," Carlton says. "Once something felt like it wasn't right, I immediately let fear sink in and like, 'Oh, I have to go back into Carlton's-the-only-person-who-will-defend-Carlton-and-understand-Carlton mode.'"

He adds that "fear of rejection and being judged" prompted his behavior, but notes, "Why do we have to be judged for who we love? That's so lame to me."

ET caught up with the exes at the taping of the reunion, where Carlton expressed his disappointment with how the whole thing went down. 

"The blowup at the pool, I totally disrespected her, so I have to apologize to you again," he said, addressing Diamond. "I feel like I'm apologizing daily, that's how bad I feel about it."

As for Diamond, she seemed set in her decision to call it quits with her man. 

"I would never tolerate anybody calling me that name," she said. "If you're gonna be with me and down with me, you should always have my back and you should always respect me."

"I'm trying to take her on a date. The answer is no right now," Carlton revealed. 

The Love Is Blind reunion special airs Thursday, March 5, on Netflix and will be available on YouTube.

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