'Love Is Blind' Reunion: Stacy Talks Izzy's Red Flags Beyond His Credit Score and Their Post-Show Relationship

ET spoke with Stacy directly after the reunion wrapped filming.

Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched season 5 of Love Is Blind and the reunion special, proceed with caution. 

Though Stacy Snyder said no to Izzy Zapata at the altar, Love Is Blind fans held out hope that the former pair might be able to make things work after filming on the show wrapped. 

But on Sunday's reunion episode, the exes confirmed that they are no longer together and that they actually spent a year post-show not speaking to each other. 

The previously engaged couple said during the reunion that they spent the week after their wedding apart, giving each other time to sort things out before going on a disastrous date. Izzy said he could sense that something was off with Stacy and that when he asked her if she was still "feeling this," she said no. 

"I was so mad at her after that because I thought we were really going to try," Izzy shared. "I was so upset I just walked out and I just didn't talk to her for a year."


As for Stacy, she said that she felt like they were in different places. 

"I felt like we needed to start over and I feel like you were like, 'If we're starting over, going backwards, I don't want to do it,'" Stacy said to her ex, who seemingly agreed. 

The two spent a year not communicating before they had a chance run-in at a bar in Houston, Texas. After that, they reconnected with Izzy revealing that they did kiss. 

"We did share a kiss, but we both knew it was best not to hurt each other again or confuse each other again," Izzy shared. "We appreciated more just having each other back in each other's lives and our friends. We're bros."

Directly after the reunion taped, Stacy spoke with ET, further explaining her reservations at the altar and even afterwards. 


Noting that she and her ex had "heated conversations" in the days leading up to their wedding, Stacy said that while concerns were "addressed" they weren't "resolved." 

"It didn't feel right to just take a leap," Stacy explained. "There were big issues."

As for what some of those issues were, Stacy insisted that it was "not just bad credit."

"It was him not being able to really describe his job. [It] was a brand-new job. He couldn't disclose to me how he made money, how much he made," Stacy said. "The whole thing just seemed very question mark. And it was concerning that he was looking at me like it wasn't a big deal. That's a huge deal. So I felt very alone, and I didn't feel like there was any way to make up that ground in a matter of 24 hours."

As for their current relationship status, Stacy replied "no comment" when asked by co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey whether she was seeing someone. Izzy, however, said that, yes, he is in a relationship. 

Season 5 of Love Is Blind as well as the reunion special are currently streaming on Netflix.