'Love Is Blind' Season 6 Star Jimmy Presnell Responds to Claim He Had a Secret Girlfriend While Filming

Jimmy got engaged to Chelsea Blackwell on season 6 of the Netflix show.

Jimmy Presnell is shutting down the rumor factory. The season 6 star of Love Is Blind took to TikTok this week after a video went viral of a girl named Ryann Stringfellow claiming to be dating a man who appeared on the Netflix show. 

In the clip, Ryann didn't name the contestant, but heavily implied it was Jimmy, saying he dated a single mom, who was contestant Jessica Vestal. 

Jimmy stitched the clip on TikTok, immediately denying the claims. 

"Uh-uh, uh-uh, I don't know this woman, never met this woman, not true," Jimmy shared. "It's an incredible marketing ploy. She is getting so many clicks and she's making so much money off my name, it's insane."


The video has already amassed more than 17 million views, with Ryann claiming the unnamed man is the "love of my life" and that she hopes to work things out with him despite discovering he went on the show after watching it on Netflix. 

"She doesn't say it's me, but she's definitely insinuating it's your boy," Jimmy says. "I have had so many people send this to me and I wasn't going to address it, but at this point I need to." 

Noting that his comments sections are "an absolute dumpster fire," Jimmy goes on to address his critics, saying, "Just know there are two sides to every story."

ET has learned part of the casting process for Love Is Blind includes reaching out to and vetting possible participants. If anyone is engaged or in a relationship during the casting process and that is made aware to production, they would not be cast.

Jimmy formed connections with two contestants on season 6 -- single mom Jessica Vestal and flight attendant Chelsea Blackwell. Ultimately, he gets engaged to Chelsea and the two have an awkward first encounter, in which Jimmy says that Chelsea "definitely lied" to him about resembling actress Megan Fox. 

The two have continued on in their romance on the show, though they've been faced with a series of disagreements. 


ET spoke with Jimmy and Chelsea via Zoom this week where they talked about the viral Megan Fox comments. 

"I don't remember the Megan Fox comments being that big of a deal," Jimmy admitted to ET, noting how "hard" it is to rewatch the moment knowing that it led to so much negativity. "I mean, obviously my ears or my eyes perked up a lot when she said Megan Fox... But, God, I would have done everything to have that moment back."

New episodes of Love Is Blind drop Wednesdays on Netflix. 


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