'Love Is Blind' Star Cameron Discusses His Epic Rap Session With Idris Elba (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the reality star, where he dished on connecting with the movie star.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed may be stuck indoors, but they're making the most of it.

The Love Is Blind stars chatted with ET's Rachel Smith about Cameron's epic rap battle with Idris Elba while quarantining.

"It was awesome," Lauren said, before sharing that Idris and his wife, Sabrina, reached out to them. "They're actually starting their own little platform that's helping couples. So they asked us to do their inaugural show. Like, 'Oh my god, like, of course!' And they're just the most gorgeous couple. Just looking at them, they're like drop-dead gorgeous, even through the camera. But they also have really beautiful hearts and spirits. So they're beautiful inside and out and they're really down to earth, and we love that because that's our vibe."

Cameron added that the couple "made us feel very welcomed right off the bat." "You never know what to expect [from] someone who's on such a high platform," he said. "But they were super welcoming and, I mean, I could see us hanging out with them."

During their time together via video chat, Cameron and Idris blew their fans away with their musical talents. After spitting rhymes, the reality star says he could see himself putting out a song with the actor.

"We are already virtually kind of laying down the tracks, the beats, everything," Cameron said, jokingly adding that he and Idris will "put out a track together."

Meanwhile, Idris and Sabrina both tested positive for the coronavirus. The two have been self-isolating and sharing health updates from home.

"They definitely said that they're doing better," Lauren said about the couple. "They had mentioned that, lucky for them, they both had mild cases and that they were, thank god, able to overcome it to the best of their ability. So we're happy that they're doing good. And everyone out there, if they are suffering, we wish them the best as well."

Lauren added that Idris told them that he had been drinking hot water with lemon. "He said he was just constantly, I guess, he was just flushing his system," she noted. "He said that that was like a miracle drink for him."

For more from Lauren and Cameron, watch below.