'Love Is Blind' Star Colleen Shares Matt's 'Biggest Ick' and Her Decision Not to Move In With Him

The couple said 'I do' at the altar in the season 3 finale of 'Love Is Blind.'

Love might be blind, but not everyone can overlook certain flaws. Over the weekend, Love Is Blind star Colleen Reed went on Instagram for a fan Q&A.

After previously defending her husband, Matt Bolton, amid speculation that something was off with their marriage during the reunion special, Colleen went on to further clarify the couple's decision not to live together in the year-and-a-half since they tied the knot. 

"Let's address this right away. No, we don't live together right now, but we will in the spring," Colleen replied in a video to one fan's question. "We pretty much stay with each other every single night of the week." 

She went on to clarify that though leases played a "big factor" in the decision, there was another reason they decided to keep their own places. 

"It was due to the fact that we wanted to slow things down," she admitted. "I mentioned at the reunion that we got married in a weird way so we're doing marriage in a weird way. It's very hard to explain, but it works for us right now. We really just wanted to not mess this up and jump right into shared spaces, just slow it down a little bit. We can't wait to move in around May of next year, hopefully buy a house, so we'll see." 


With Matt putting up holiday decorations in the background of her video, Colleen also addressed the "biggest ick" in their relationship. 

"The biggest 'ick' that Matt gives me is he puts the egg shells in the carton after he's done," she shared of her husband. "It's the most aggravating thing you can do."

She noted that she'd love to visit the United Kingdom, adding, "I would love our second wedding to be in Scotland or Ireland."

As for the time that the couple has had since the show filmed, they've enjoyed getting to know one another better and distancing themselves from any filming drama. 

"We got to take this time to be confident in who we are, what we want, what our future is going to look like and we're solid in that," Colleen said. "We've had now a year and a half to talk about anything and everything and be comfortable with what we're going to watch. It's honestly old news, at this point, for us." 


There has been lots of speculation about Colleen and Matt's marriage since the finale episode and reunion special aired. Many fans were concerned with how uncomfortable Colleen looked during the special. Last week, Colleen took to Instagram, posting a photo of herself hugging her husband at the reunion taping. 

"Thank you to this man for holding me up when I was not my best. Thank you for being my boulder as you promised to me in our vows," she began, before going on to explain her behavior during the show's final episode. "During the reunion, I was not OK given the negative commentary I had experienced. I’ll be honest in saying I let the internet tear me down and take the light away from me." 

Colleen went on to praise Matt, saying he wouldn't let that happen to her. 

"He has done everything possible to put a smile back on my face and bring me back," she continued. "I held onto him for support. He reassured me that I was going to be okay. Watching it all back and filming the reunion only brought us closer than we ever thought we could get. I can’t thank him enough for being there for me."

Matt commented on his wife's post, writing, "Always ❤️."

Love Is Blind season 3 and the reunion special are currently streaming on Netflix.