'Love Is Blind's Nick Thompson Addresses Rumors He's Back Together With Ex Danielle Ruhl (Exclusive)

The pair got married on season 2 of 'Love Is Blind' and announced their divorce in 2022.

Nick Thompson is clarifying the status of his relationship with ex-wife Danielle Ruhl following rumors that the pair had rekindled their romantic relationship after recently reuniting. The former couple met on season 2 of Love Is Blind and ended up tying the knot in the show's finale. 

But in August 2022, they announced they were divorcing after less than two years together. 

A messy back and forth online between the exes ensued, but in May, they seemingly put their differences to the side to discuss their claims against Netflix and Kinetic Energy and their treatment during their time on the show. Shortly after, the exes posted a drunken selfie together sparking rekindled romance rumors and Danielle appeared on Nick's podcast where the two had an emotional exchange. 

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with Nick on Wednesday about his recent claims that he is nearing homelessness due to his role on the show. Nick shared that he "absolutely" appreciates the fact that he fell in love on the program and has "no regrets" from that part of the process. 

As for where he and Danielle stand today, Nick shared with ET, "We are cordial. We talk. We're aligned on some of the mission and some of the things that I'm working on and some of the things that she's working on to sort of influence and change the reality TV industry because it's incredibly damaging."

Saying that his fight for mental health support and legal representation for reality stars is a "common denominator" with his ex, Nick opened up about his mission after launching the UCAN Foundation in April.

UCAN, which stands for Unscripted Cast Advocacy Network, seeks to provide mental health support and legal resources for cast members on reality TV. 

"We need serious change in this industry because somehow it's escaped regulation and any type of labor practices for its entire existence," Nick shared. "Now that we have Hollywood entirely on strike, that means that the reality TV productions are only going to increase. We do not have representation, we do not have anyone discussing our contracts for us, our benefits, our working conditions, any residuals. It's just all 100 percent in the control of these production companies."

Nick was laid off from his job as a VP of marketing back in November, "and since then I’ve been looking for a new role in marketing and tech, and I have been not taken very seriously."

He claimed to ET that he has applied to 400 jobs and only has two months left of mortgage payments in his bank account. 

According to Nick, he feels his role on the show hasn't just impacted his ability to get a new job, but may have played a role in him getting terminated in the first place.

"There were a number of layoffs, but it was a week after my name was not politely mentioned in the media, so I think that might have been a contributing factor when decisions were being made," Nick said. "That's speculation, of course, but after the show came out...  I definitely felt like I wasn't taken as seriously anymore... people would treat me a little bit differently and not take my ideas or my work as seriously."

In May, Danielle and Nick reunited in a later-deleted selfie on Instagram, writing, "Sup." 

Danielle Ruhl/Instagram

Weeks later, Danielle opened up about the moment while appearing on Nick's Eyes Wide Open podcast.

"I went over there drunk," Danielle admitted of going to her ex's apartment for their first in-person reunion. 

"I opened the door and it was like no time had passed," Nick told Danielle at the time. 

On the podcast, Nick said that the split is "still a loss" that he feels.

"We're going to be connected forever, whether we decide we want to be or not," he said.

"Yes, we still love each other. It doesn't go away," Danielle agreed.

Prior to the exes reuniting, Danielle told ET of her time with Nick on the show, "It impacted both of us, and he did his best. It takes a lot of patience from both sides. But I was really glad to have him by my side during that whole period."