'Love Is Blind' Exes Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson Recall Drunken Reunion After Divorce

The exes and season 2 alums recently reunited on Nick's podcast to discuss their experience on the show and beyond.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson may have reunited to open up the conversation surrounding mental health, but the former spouses also had an emotional reunion behind the scenes. On a new episode of Nick's podcast, Eyes Wide Open, the exes and season 2 contestants from Love Is Blind spoke about their recent in-person reunion after their split and months of not seeing one another.

Nick and Danielle shared that after seeing each other's names in the news discussing their alleged treatment on the Netflix reality series, Nick reached out via text.

"I had one too many drinks that Friday night, but I'm just going to say what I have been wanting to say, but it's easier after a couple drinks," he admitted.

"Yeah, the next day was the first day I think we had a legit conversation in a very, very long time," Danielle agreed, before sharing, "I went over there drunk. We had talked the entire day."

The exes met up to have what Nick referred to as a "real conversation" about what happened in their past both on the show and off.

"Then the picture happened, and that's where there was too much drinking at that point. We were like, 'Hey, let's take a picture together. Wouldn't it be funny to post it?' We had cried a lot at that point," Nick shared.

Danielle Ruhl/Instagram

Danielle later posted the picture of them sitting together with her mascara marks on her ex's white shirt. She admitted to having no memory of actually posting the photo and being afraid to tell Nick that it had happened the next day.

She said she received so many DMs and texts from fans and friends shocked to see that they had reconnected.

"It was literally that day. There was no secret," she explained.

As for Nick, he said that while he was apprehensive about reconnecting with his ex, it all turned out for the best.

"I'm getting tense like, 'Is this the right idea? Is this the right time?' I open the door and it's like no time had passed. But that's how it felt in the pods too," he shared. "I'd been feeling so stuck and like there was unfinished business with us. I've always, like, in the back of my head, even though I'd say, 'No, there's no chance. I don't want to talk. I don't want you in my life because it's too hard, it's too painful' ... It was very fulfilling and helpful to see you."

The two also opened up about their experiences filming Love Is Blind, which Danielle recently shared with ET.

Last month, Danielle spoke with ET about her alleged treatment by Netflix and Kinetic Content, saying she was not offered medical or psychiatric assistance during her time filming despite expressing anxiety struggles and suicidal ideations.

"When I was experiencing some medical stuff in the pods, there were no doctors. When I was experiencing mental health issues, there were no therapists," she claimed. "You kind of just had to rely on your producers to make you feel better."

Of the impacts filming the show had on both her and Nick, Danielle told ET, "It impacted both of us, and he did his best. It takes a lot of patience from both sides. But I was really glad to have him by my side during that whole period."

Prior to meeting up for the podcast and their emotional reunion, Danielle expressed her support for her ex after he too spoke out about the show's alleged treatment.

"You know, we just weren't compatible, which is fine, and the fact that now that we are divorced, but we're still speaking out about the same exact topic, having the same exact goal, you know, makes me so proud of him and it means the world to me," she told ET of Nick.

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