'Love Undercover' Stars on the Challenges of Dating a Pro Athlete and Their Celebrity Crushes (Exclusive)

'Love Undercover's Ryan Babel, Sebastián Fassi and Lloyd Jones spoke with ET about their new dating series.

The new original Peacock dating series Love Undercover follows five successful professional footballers who go undercover as ordinary men looking for love, without the baggage that comes with being wealthy and famous.

Three of the soccer stars who lead the new series recently sat down with ET's Nischelle Turner to dish on the series, and their past challenges looking for love.

Amsterdam native Ryan Babel, English footballer Lloyd Jones and Sebastián Fassi of Mexico -- who plays as a goalkeeper for San Fernando in Spain -- all opened up about the obstacles they've faced when it comes to romance and keeping a relationship afloat during their careers.

"Obviously, like, for me, I've played in five different countries in maybe 12 to 13 years... [and] in Mexico I played in five different cities," Fassi explained. "At this point in my life, I'm stable. I'm living in Madrid, in Spain, so I'm actually now in a different situation. But playing is like really, really hard, because you [either] do long-distance relationship or you move in with me, you know?"

"Sometimes [they] are not ready to move in but you don't wanna break up so it's hard, because she has to leave everything," Fassi added. "She has to leave her life on the side and just focus on you. So that's not really easy."

Fassi explained that it isn't something "we are asking for," but rather, simply, "it's my job."

"I've been doing this since I'm 8 years old, I'm getting paid really well, it's the only thing that I love to do," he shared. "So yeah, you have to know that eventually, if you wanna be with me, you'll have to drop everything and just join me. It's a really hard combo... it's like finding a unicorn."

Meanwhile, Babel shared similar sentiments and explained why his career kept him from trying the knot with his girlfriend of 13 years, and eventually cost him that relationship. 

"I was very focused on my career," Babel explained. "I can only focus on my career 100 percent, and then the relationship is secondary. So I didn't think it was a fair situation to be a husband to somebody if I couldn't give the husband material that had to come with it."

Babel said he explained to his ex that, "Once I retire, and then I feel like I can focus 100 percent on the family, then I feel like it's a fair deal to commit. But unfortunately we didn't make it to there."

The men also opened up about what they look for and find attractive in potential partners, with all three expressing the importance of "loyalty" and trust.

Jones explained that he's looking for "someone trustworthy, someone that's loyal and I think someone that understands me. I think those are the three biggest things for me."

Sebastián Fassi on Peacock's 'Love Undercover' reality dating series. - Casey Durkin/Peacock

"You wanna be yourself, right? If you can be yourself around the person, I think that would be the ideal scenario," Babel added. "I mean, I've been in relationships where even though everything was beautiful, I couldn't be 100 percent myself...  so I think eventually you want to find someone that you can be 100 percent yourself with, comfortable with, and grow together with."

They guys also agreed that, while they don't need their romantic partners to be obsessed with soccer, they need them to understand how important it is in their lives.

"She doesn't have to be totally invested in football, like a football fanatic or whatever, but as long she understands and supports you in your career, then that's all I need, really," Jones said.

Now, with their roles on TV making them even bigger names to a wider audience, it was only fair to ask each one who their celebrity crushes might be -- since they previously described Beyonce as their ideal woman.

"Zendaya," Jones said, after some consideration.

"I haven't really paid attention, but I feel like the artist Tyla caught my eye," Babel shared. "She's beautiful, absolutely."

Without hesitation, Fassi knew exactly who his crush was, stating, "Margot Robbie."

"I'm not asking that much," Fassi said with a laugh. "Just a regular blonde."

The first season of Love Undercover is streaming now on Peacock.