Luann de Lesseps Jokes About Second Stint at Rehab During Cabaret Show

Luann de Lesseps
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The reality star didn't shy away from discussing her sobriety during her big performance on Saturday.

Luann de Lesseps is talking openly about her recent rehab stint, even while performing on stage!

The Real Housewives of New York star performed her “Countess and Friends” cabaret show at The Paramount in Long Island, New York on Saturday night, where she playfully discussed heading to her second stint at rehab recently to help her combat alcoholism.

“But I gotta tell you something,” she told the raucous crowd while wearing a sparkling silver gown. “Not drinking is exhausting. It really is.” She then discussed how she’s getting up early every morning to attend meetings in order to keep her on track.

Even during preparations for the big show, her time in treatment was clearly on her mind.

“Hi everybody, do you like my new dress?” she stated in an Instagram post showcasing the dress rehearsal for the show. “Yeah, it’s from my new line -- The I Just Lost 10 Pounds In Rehab, So Much, Showing Off My A** Collection.”

The 53-year-old reality star was released from a rehab facility on Thursday, August 2, giving her just two days to prepare for the live show. However, de Lesseps appeared to have dived into rehearsals.

“Excited to be back on stage tomorrow night for our biggest show yet!” she captioned a video of herself and her band rehearsing The Beatles' “With A Little Help From My Friend.”

This in-patient stint is the second de Lesseps has undergone this year. She completed an alcohol treatment program back in January after she was charged with a felony after resisting arrest following a night of drinking in Palm Beach, Florida on Dec. 24, 2017. She was also charged with misdemeanor charges including disorderly intoxication and trespassing. She eventually pleaded guilty to three charges of battery, trespass and disorderly intoxication.

Get more news on de Lesseps in the clip below.