Maluma Reveals He's Going to Be a Father During His Concert in Washington, D.C.

The singer shared the news in a music video for his song 'Procura,' which he screened during a recent stop on his Don Juan Tour.

Maluma is getting ready to start a whole new chapter in his life.

The 29-year-old Colombian superstar was performing in Washington D.C. on Thursday, during a stop in his Don Juan Tour, when he shared some very special news with his fans in the audience.

The singer debuted the new music video for his song "Procura," in which he reveals that he is going to be a dad!

The video -- which confirmed that he and girlfriend Susana Gomez are expecting their first child together -- featured personal home videos from the couple, including some footage of their pregnancy journey together.

Cut into idyllic shots of Maluma crooning the gorgeous ballad were clips of the couple going to a doctor together, looking over sonograms of their forthcoming baby, and sharing in the joy of the experience with their loved ones.

The video also reveals that the pair are expecting a baby girl, and the couple wear diamond necklaces with the name Paris spelled out in gemstones.

ET's Deidre Behar spoke with Maluma in August, at the start of his Don Juan Tour, and the singer opened up a bit about his private relationship with his girlfriend and the support he gets.

"It's amazing. It's beautiful," he said about his relationship. "I always try to keep it super private. You know, like my private life is Juan Luis. I always try to keep it away a little bit, but it's almost impossible because you guys see me everyday. I am good, I am happy, I am very balanced, that is very important. My mental health is always good. It's the best I could get."

The "Coco Loco" singer is also vocal about his biggest dream: fatherhood. 

"I always dream about being a dad. Having a family, for me, that is the biggest goal ever," he says. 

Congrats to the happy couple!