Maluma on His Mature New Don Juan Era and Why Being a Dad is One Of His Biggest Dreams (Exclusive)

The Colombian superstar speaks to ET about his 'Don Juan' tour, fatherhood and possibly working with Selena Gomez.

Maluma is ready for the world to meet Don Juan!

Next week, the 29-year-old Colombian superstar is set to hit the road for his Don Juan world tour, which will support his upcoming album of the same name.

The "Felices Los 4" singer is "taking the game to another level" and introducing the world to his latest sexy persona. 

"I have all these songs that are super new and it's like a new sound for me," Maluma tells ET's Deidre Behar. "So I feel like it's going to be super exciting performing all these new songs and sharing this time with my fans. It's crazy."

Maluma, whose real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias, promises to bring la magia with this era.

"I would say magical for sure. Magical because every moment is pretty special," he says of what the people can expect from this music and tour. "We are taking care of every detail, because that is the way I like working. I like to to go and check the lights, go check the cameras. I have new ideas every morning when I wake up and I come here with the team and I'm like 'Yo guys, we should have these and this space in the show?' And everybody is super excited about it."

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Like every new iteration, Maluma is committing to this new character. The singer -- who has been the Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy, Papi Juancho and simply Maluma -- reveals that Don Juan is more grown up and suave. 

"I just woke up one day and I am like, 'OK. I am not a kid anymore,'" he says about his latest alter ego. "I am 29 years old right now. I feel like in this whole character that I am creating in this world I would say is more like a business guy who is taking care of different things. I tried to build this character, Don Juan, and it's amazing. I love it. I am having so much fun with it."

He adds, "He is a version of me, a version of Juan Luis, like more mature, like more grounded. I would say more ambitious with bigger goals. All the family thing and the animal stuff, it's still there. It's not that I am going to become a douche bag or something like that. I am still a good human being, no worries."

Just like the characters before him, Don Juan is a smooth ladies man.  

"The whole perspective, the whole scene is so exciting -- like these James Bond mixed with Hugh Hefner. This a nice character that we are about to present in the tour," he shares with ET.

For the fans who may worry that the introduction to Don Juan means the end of Maluma, he promises he's not going anywhere. 

"Maluma is Maluma," he assures fans. "That guy is the one who put some food on my table and for my family's table. I would say that I am forever grateful and that is the formula and if the formula keeps working, I won't change it. Maluma Baby forever ever, ever, ever.  We keep growing and we keep building this, and evolving these characters for sure."

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On Tuesday, Maluma announced the track list for the Don Juan album, revealing features by Mr. Castro, Don Omar, Jowell & Randy and one top secret guest -- who has yet to be revealed. 

Maluma can confirm that the feature isn't Selena Gomez, whom he told ET he wished to collaborate with in the past. Though they were in conversations, the Only Murders In the Building actress stopped replying. But that hasn't stopped the "Felices Los 4" singer from pressing on with new music and remaining optimistic about a potential collaboration with Gomez. 

"If I get the chance to work with her, it's great," he says. "If not, I am still here working."

Maluma already has lots of A-list contacts and collabs that include Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin and Shakira.

Plus he's already picked up the phone to ask if his famous friends will join him for a few shows when he's on tour.

"Let's see if they are going to be available because they are always super busy, same as me," he says. "I am going to bring a couple surprises. Let's see what happens because as soon as I got here to L.A., I saw my phone and started calling them."

Off stage, Maluma is all about his Corazón. While he chooses to keep the details of his relationship private, he is grateful to have the support of his girlfriend.

"It's amazing. It's beautiful," he tells ET about his relationship. "I always try to keep it super private. You know, like my private life is Juan Luis. I always try to keep it away a little bit, but it's almost impossible because you guys see me everyday. I am good, I am happy, I am very balanced, that is very important. My mental health is always good. It's the best I could get."

The "Coco Loco" singer is also vocal about his biggest dream: fatherhood. 

"I always dream about being a dad. Having a family, for me, that is the biggest goal ever," he says. 

Even though it may not happen before his big 30th birthday in January, he's still ready whenever the moment comes. 

"Whatever God wants for me," he says. "Come on, man. However you want it, I will be here."

Maluma's happiness and growth has inspired the music and the show and he's ready for the world to see and hear it. 

"I feel happy. When you feel happy and you feel like you don't owe anything to anyone, that's the way it should be. That's why I feel like this album has different energy," he shares. "Everyday I am more mature. I am happy and I am grateful." 

Don Juan is out Aug. 25, and the U.S. leg of the Don Juan world tour kicks off on Aug. 31.