Mama June Explains Where Daughter Alana's Missing Funds Are: 'I Didn't Really Steal Any Money' (Exclusive)

In a recent episode of 'Mama June: Family Crisis,' the matriarch was confronted about money missing from one of Alana's bank accounts.

Mama June is clearing the air surrounding allegations that she stole money from her daughter, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, while she was still underage. 

In an exclusive interview with ET, the 44-year-old matriarch said that while all will be revealed in an upcoming episode of their show, Mama June: Family Crisis, she can definitively say that she did not take any money from Alana, 18.

"I didn't really steal any money," the TV personality -- whose real name is June Shannon -- shared. "You will see on Friday, you know, like it's not hundreds of thousands of dollars that is in question, it's only one show and that's Dancing With the Stars."

In an episode at the end of March, Alana confronted June about the $33,000 balance in a Coogan account -- a bank account set up for child actors -- which Alana said was drastically lower than the "six figures" she was expecting for all of the work she has done onscreen. 

"There should at least be six figures in that account!" Alana says in a solo interview. "Something's not adding up. My money is somewhere. It needs to be found right now, ASAP. Because this is not gonna work."

Alana competed on Dancing With the Stars: Juniors in 2018. For that, June says he daughter made about $60,000, which ultimately ended up amounting to roughly $35,000 after California taxes and taxes from their home state were taken out. From that money, she says she followed financial guidance and put 20 percent into the Coogan account. The rest of the money in the account came from their stint as The Beach Ball on season 6 of The Masked Singer back in 2019. 

"Alana has around over $200,000 that she has access to but she is choosing not to have access to," June shared. "She is making those decisions because she's 18. So there's more, there's definitely more money out there." 

In the March episode, Alana and her sister, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Efird, questioned where the rest of Alana's money was as they finally looked into it after Alana turned 18. 

"I can't help that there's not more money," June told her daughters. "Taxes were took out automatically -- 50 percent."

"I'm no tax person, but I know good and well no state is taking 50 percent worth of taxes out of every check," Lauryn said.

June later conceded that an unspecified amount of money that Alana made from her time on television had been spent over the years to provide for Alana, telling her daughter -- who got her start on TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras -- that she has essentially been making her own way since the age of 12. 

At the end of the filmed argument, June told Alana that she should be happy to even have $33,000 as that is more than many 18 year olds start out with in life and that it gives her a leg up in the world. 

"Yeah, but I've been on TV since I was six," Alana said in response, "and now, I have what to show for it?"

The money problem ultimately led to even more division between Alana and her mom as the younger of the two later said she didn't want her mom coming to her goodbye party before leaving for college and even told June not to visit her at school in Colorado

"When I move to Colorado, I'm moving for a reason," Alana said in an April episode. "I'm moving away -- away from the drama, away from Mama."

June tells ET, however, that she has ignored her daughter's wishes and that she has visited Alana at Regis University in Denver. The mom says she will continue to show up for not only Alana but her other children as that is something they have explicitly requested in the past. 

"I have been out there," she said. "Something my kids told me four years ago and back in December... they said, 'Well, hey, we want you to keep showing up even if we don't want you to show up' and I keep doing that no matter if we're fighting or we aren't getting along or there's some controversy." 

Mama June: Family Crisis airs Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on WeTV.