Man Who Saved Helen Hunt in Accident Had No Idea Who She Was (Exclusive)

ET spoke to the man who pulled Helen Hunt out of the car after her frightening car accident on Wednesday.

The man who pulled Helen Hunt out of the car after she was involved in a frightening car accident on Wednesday had no idea he helped save a Hollywood star.

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke exclusively to Zarren Thomas, who assisted 56-year-old Hunt immediately following the car crash, on Thursday. ET has since learned that Hunt is at home recovering and has sustained no serious injuries. The Oscar winner was taken to the hospital after the vehicle she was riding in was struck by another driver in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles, according to multiple reports.

"I didn't know that I was helping a star. My first instinct was to get everybody out safe and sound," Thomas says. "It was pretty scary. I just didn't know if everybody was OK. That's all I was thinking about."

Thomas said he only realized that he had helped a celebrity when ET broke the news to him during the interview.

"Just now," he says when asked when he realized that he had saved Hunt. "[I had] no idea."

Thomas, who works at Jiffy Lube, said he was working during the time of the accident and went out to get some fresh air when he saw the crash.

"I saw the truck tipped over, and so went over there to help the people get out of the car," he tells ET. "I just wanted to make sure they were safe."

Thomas said he climbed on top of the car with the help of a fellow employee and had to pry the door open.

"After I pried the door open, I saw three people inside," he recalls. "I just immediately, out of my instinct, helped them up, helped them out of the car. I was just thinking about them at the time."

LAPD told ET on Tuesday that police responded to a traffic collision on the 4800 block of San Vicente Boulevard at the corner of Tremaine Avenue in Los Angeles at 4:50 p.m. involving two vehicles. There was one person transported to the hospital.

Hunt is currently in production on a limited series revival of her hit TV sitcom, Mad About You, in which she stars opposite her friend and former co-star, Paul Reiser.