Mandy Moore Is 'Not OK' After Watching 'This Is Us' Super Bowl Episode

Mandy Moore at 2018 SAG Awards
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Mandy Moore is going to need some time to get over This Is Us' Super Bowl episode. 

The 33-year-old actress shared her reaction to seeing the episode with fans on her Instagram Story on Thursday -- and it doesn't look so good. 

"Watched The Super Bowl episode last night with the cast and I'm still not okay," Moore captioned a photo of herself looking away from the camera, with masks under her eyes. 


Sunday's big episode will finally show Jack's death, and while fans have been piecing together clues since last season, finding out the truth clearly won't be easy. Just last week, Moore told ET that she thought the episode would bring fans "closure." 

"I can't wait for fans to see our Super Bowl episode. People will get a lot of answers and will be able to move forward," Moore said of the episode. "I think for everybody's sake it'll be a good thing." 

Sterling K. Brown, meanwhile, told Entertainment Weekly that fans should get ready for creator Dan Fogelman's "best hour of television." 

“It is cinematic, it’s epic in scope. He is able to take the mundane and turn it into a superhero movie. Each one of us, once we read it we were like, ‘Did you read this yet? Yeah. It’s off the chain!' We were giddy," he said. 

“It’s sad,” Brown continued, adding that he was on set when the show's pivotal scenes were filmed. “It’s intense. I’m telling you, it’s intense. But it’s beautiful. It will give you the payoff after this much anticipation of ‘How does he die?’ I think you will be satisfied with the culmination — and then also how the story moves on.”


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