Mandy Moore Shares Details on New Music & Tour Plans With Husband Taylor Goldsmith -- Exclusive First Look

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The 'This Is Us' star opened up to 'Story and Rain' about her upcoming album.

Mandy Moore is having her best year yet. The 35-year-old actress continues to shine in This Is Us, has a new movie, Midway, on the way, received her first Emmy nomination and recently released her first song in 10 years titled "When I Wasn't Watching."

Now, ET has an exclusive first look at Moore's interview with Story + Rain, where she shares details about her new album and plans to tour with husband Taylor Goldsmith.

"We are collaborating on all aspects of recording and writing. I am the captain of the ship and we are all finding the vocal together. It really feels like this living organism," she says of working with her husband and Dawes frontman.

Over the past year, Moore has been recording and currently has 10 songs completed. Of her first single, she says, she hoped to "make a really live, California-sounding, fresh pop record in 2019."


Once she releases her forthcoming album, Moore plans to go on tour in 2020 with her hubby during This Is Us' hiatus. "To have that limitless support and understanding and belief and encouragement from your partner, is unfathomable to me," Moore gushes.

Moore's new music is liberating for her, as she's previously shared in a New York Times article. While married to Ryan Adams -- the pair divorced in 2016 -- he allegedly controlled her music career and the songs they worked on together were shelved.

These new songs she's created, Moore says, have "been in my heart and my mind for some time."

While Moore shared a personal side of herself that not many knew about before, she did so with intention but has always made it a choice to be "under the radar."

"I've been in the business for 20 years, in the limelight since I was 15, so it’s a position I’ve grown comfortable with for two decades," she says. "You can make a choice to be under the radar, and I’m happy to have made that choice."


Another choice she's making is to be creative more, try new things and welcome new opportunities.

"I am incredibly grateful, and trying to be present in the ebb and flow of this crazy ride. I appreciate that these moments don’t last forever, and I am trying to make the most of it," the former "Candy" singer shares. "My ambition has shifted, even in the last few years. There is no substitute for the wisdom and clarity that comes with age. Knowing I have this opportunity with the show, now is the time to start producing, now is the time to start directing, [to be thinking] 'What do you want to be doing post-This Is Us?'

"I don’t think until I got to this age and was really comfortable in my skin and knew what I wanted to be doing, that I could do it," she continues. "I am using my platform in a more realistic sense than I ever have before. Maybe that’s how my ambition has changed. I am like, bring it on! More!"

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