Mariah Carey Just Won the Bottle Cap Challenge With This Secret Weapon

Mariah Carey
Samir Hussein/WireImage

See the singer's incredible contribution to the viral video challenge.

Mariah Carey just shared her very own spin on the Bottle Cap Challenge.

On Sunday morning, the elusive chanteuse posted a video of herself standing in front of a wine bottle with a screw-off top. Next, like thousands of others, she acted as though she was about to kick the cap off with picture-perfect precision. However, at the last moment, she put her finger to her ear and sang a glass-shattering high note -- and the cap magically spun off!

"Challenge accepted!" she captioned her hilarious contribution to the viral trend.

Although the 49-year-old songstress is just the latest celeb to participate in the Bottle Cap Challenge, her post is arguably one of the most original to come along.

Most stars, like John Mayer and Jason Statham, have chosen to showcase their martial arts abilities with the challenge. While others have decided to take Carey’s route, giving their fans something extra special.

For Ryan Reynolds’ contribution, he decided to promote his gin company, sharing a video of a bottle making its way through countless streets and scenic destinations in someone’s hand. Finally, it ends up in a trailer where the leading man attempts to kick off the cork -- a much harder task than a screw-top. However, he only manages to kick the bottle over before escaping out the door.

See more clips of celebs trying their hand at the Bottle Cap Challenge below.