'Married to Medicine' Returns With New Opening Credits and 'Liberation' for Quad Webb (Exclusive)

The cast of Bravo's 'Married to Medicine.'

Paging Dr. Jackie!

Yes, that iconic phrase is back in your life, because Married to Medicine is back on Bravo! The hit series returns for its seventh season this Sunday, with all the fan-favorite cast members from season six -- Dr. Jackie Walters, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Dr. Simons Whitmore, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, Mariah, Toya Bush-Harris and, of course, Quad Webb.

"This season for me is a lot lighter, I am super happy," Quad, who reportedly finalized her divorce from husband Greg Lunceford earlier this year, tells ET. "I'd like to say the theme of my life right now, or the theme of my life for this year -- or what you’ll see on television -- is the Phoenix rising out of the ashes."

"I’m just living life again," she adds. "I have reintroduced myself to Quad."

There is also one newbie joining the cast, Buffie Purselle, a "friend of" the cast who is married to a psychiatrist, Dr. David. Along with a new face comes a bit of a facelift for the long-running show: a new opening title sequence! But, fear not, the iconic name callouts remain.

Watch the new opening here:

The new look, of course, comes along with new drama… and some old drama. The season seven premiere picks up about where things left off at the heated season six reunion.

"The premiere gives us a lot to look forward to," Quad teases. "Immediately, we see that the line in the sand is being drawn, -- you have one group of girls and one group of women who aren’t together, and are completely separate."

The premiere features the women sitting down all together for the first time since that reunion to discuss their issues, specifically talking about each other’s men. Things get heated quickly, as the party turns into a back-and-forth screaming match. Lucky for you, ET has your exclusive first look at the scene:

Quad says she went into the season on good terms with her reunion couch-mates, Heavenly, Jackie and Contessa, but notes that there will be some positive movement with the other women. Well, at least one other woman.

"I do connect with a person who I was not particularly close with in the group," Quad offers. "She was the person who was really, really nasty to me last year with counterfeit dollars in her shoes."

For those who need a refresher, it was Simone who showed up to a party last season with plastic shoes containing fake $100 bills in the see-through soles, a nod to the phrase "keep it 100." Quad says her reunion with Simone will surprise viewers, as will Jackie.

"You’re going to see a side of Jackie you’ve never seen before," she admits. "She gets attacked by an individual who has attacked everyone. Whoever is more successful than her, that’s her target for the year. She’s fixated her eyes upon Jackie."

It’s not hard to figure out that Quad is referencing her one-time bestie-turned-enemy Mariah. Quad says Mariah is the messiest cast member this year, earning the nickname Ma-LIE-ah from her castmates.

"Ma-LIE-ah is still up to her own tricks, but she’s changed a little but of her targets," Quad claims. "We like to call her Ma-LIE-ah, because we know she lies and she’s been caught in a number of lies and, you know, it doesn’t stop. She’s staying true to who she is, so can’t be mad at that."

As far as her own story is concerned, Quad says she’s excited to show the fans that there is "happiness after divorce."

"If I had to describe how I feel this season, I would probably say liberated," she admits. "Yeah, I’d most certainly say liberated."

"People need to know that they don’t have to be in a relationship, especially women, they don’t need to feel like they need to be validated by a man in order to be accepted by society," she adds. "You need to find personal happiness like I did, it outweighs anything else, and when a person comes into your life all they’re there for is to really and truly enhance your happiness, not to make you happy, but enhance your happiness."

"At 38 years old, I’m going to do what makes Quad happy," she continues. "What’s making me happy right now is just being in the moment, whatever that moment looks like, I don’t have to answer to anyone, I can truly just enjoy the moment."

"I feel free," she says. "There’s no limit when it comes down to what I can become, the things I can achieve and what I can do. I’m just really excited about the future."

Quad says she hopes viewers walk away from season seven seeing her as "an honest individual, a loving, trustworthy, amazing friend, daughter, aunt," who is "building an empire alone."

"Just because you’ve had a devastating moment in your life, which divorce is, it doesn’t have to end there," she notes. "Each day, you wake up, you have another day to make it an amazing day and to constantly push yourself to do new things. You have to get out there and believe in yourself."

"I'm loving life, I’m enjoying life," she adds. "I'm even open to dating and possibly finding a new love."

Married to Medicine’s new season premieres Sunday, Sept. 8, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. Watch the season trailer below.


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