‘Married to Medicine’ Season 6: Mariah Huq Reveals Who She’s Chopping Up Like Pico de Gallo (Exclusive)

Mariah Huq returns for season six of Bravo's 'Married to Medicine.'

The OG star makes a full-time comeback to stir up some drama on the new season, premiering Sept. 2 on Bravo.

All hail the (drama) queen!

O.G. Married to Medicine star Mariah Huq returns to the series as a full-time cast member for the first time since season two -- and she says brace yourself for messiness.

“I feel like it’s a drama queen season for me,” she laments to ET. “It’s really not the way I wanted to come back, I’m gonna be honest with you. I didn’t want to come back arguing every [time we got together]!”

“You’re getting full force [Mariah] and some extra credit!” she adds. “You’re getting a whole lot of extra credit that I didn’t intend on giving.”

The TV personality pulled back on screen time over the past few seasons to focus on family but remained attached to the show as an executive producer and “friend” of the cast. She ramped up her appearances last season, notably getting into a near-war with co-star Dr. Heavenly Kimes after Heavenly, whom Mariah has nicknamed “Hellish,” drew a mustache and horns on a poster of Mariah that was on display at the cast’s reunion taping.

“I get mad just thinking about it!” Mariah admits of the moment, which naturally comes up in the premiere episode of the new season -- and ET has your exclusive first look at Heavenly’s attempt at an olive branch, replacing Mariah’s defaced poster with a new one… which features a photo of Mariah that Mariah finds unflattering. Take a look:

Mariah says that failed attempt at reconciliation sets off a whole new game of dominoes when it comes to her friendship with Heavenly, or lack thereof.

“Every other scene, I’m into it with Heavenly,” she previews. “That’s not the way I wanted to come back. I feel like I’m an amazing person, friend, wife, mother, entrepreneur. I like to be seen like that. But honestly, I felt like me and Heavenly’s battles just overshadow everything else. You know, they’re so dramatic and they’re so explosive. Like, our stuff just goes to another level. It outshines everything else, you know? So, I hate that. It changes the energy, and that’s not what I wanted.”

In the season six trailer, Mariah is seen announcing to her co-stars that she will, “Pico de gallo that hoe, chopped up and served on the side.”

“Pico de gallo and some salsa on the side!” she jokes with ET, revealing that those harsh words are directed at Heavenly.

“Oh, who else but Hellish?” she asks. “Who else would I be serving that up to but Hellish?”

Mariah says viewers will want to stay tuned week after week to see the “surprising” developments in her relationship with Heavenly, which she says takes a positive turn toward the end of the season. Though, she’s not sure it’s a lasting turn.

“You’ll see people making up and trying to push through and move forward, but you’re just not sure how genuine it is,” she warns. “Well, that’s how I feel.”

“I’mma pray about it,” she says of getting to a better place with Heavenly. “But, I don’t know if it’s actually gonna happen, now.”

Still, a Mariah-Heavenly peace treaty seems a safer bet than one with Quad Webb-Lunceford, Mariah’s bestie turned frenemy. The ladies’ friendship fell apart at the start of season two, much to fans’ dismay.

“I think I’ve done all I can do towards Quad,” Mariah says. “I’ve apologized, I’ve tried to push through. I’m not sure what the problem is anymore. I can’t fix what’s wrong with Quad. You can quote me on that. I just think Quad is angry that I’m back.”

While Mariah was the centerpiece of season one, Quad arguably moved into that position as the show continued, something Mariah says she’s totally OK with -- even if Quad doesn’t think that.

“I don’t care!” she announces. “Quad has become the star of the show, for a season [at a time]. But every woman on this show was picked by me because they were stars in their own right. And we all have a time to twinkle, and we all have a time to shine. She doesn’t understand that. And as she gets older and mature, she will. We all go through storms, and we all have a time to shine bright. She’s the one that doesn’t understand that. I don’t mind her shining. She wouldn’t be on the show if I felt like that.”

“She doesn’t get it, and that’s the God’s honest truth,” she tacks on. “I think she’s an amazing girl, like, I liked when we were friends. But everybody has a time to shine, and it’s not -- it’s not gonna be every single season.”

While Mariah uses words like “intense,” “drama,” “kind of shady” and “messy” to describe the season, it won’t be all negative. Fans will get to see marriages they thought were ending come back together, and get an intimate look at Mariah’s home life for the first time in a long time.

“I am so, so excited for people to get to see my family!” she gushes. “I think it’s been years since people have seen my children ... I think people have always wanted to see more of my family. We’re an interracial couple, multicultural family, it’s really tough for us. So, I’m happy that people get to see that, especially in today’s climate. Get to see a happy, multicultural, beautiful family push through!”

See how the Huqs push through each week on Married to Medicine, airing Sundays at 8 p.m. ET starting Sept. 2.