‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion: Dr. Heavenly Explodes on Mariah Huq Over Alleged Death Threat (Exclusive)

Mariah Huq of Bravo's 'Married to Medicine.'

The drama goes down backstage at the season five reunion.

As Quad Webb-Lunceford puts it, “This is a mess!”

In ET’s exclusive first look at part one of the Married to Medicine season five reunion, the drama explodes backstage after what we can only assume was a heated exchange between Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq onstage. Mariah is in her dressing room, venting to her team about her co-star.

“Heavenly is sitting out there talking about stuff that happened first season,” she recalls. “She wasn’t even a part of the show. She was a f**king fan. They’re so stupid they don’t even get that. She wasn’t a part of the show. How ‘bout that?”

As Mariah downloads her husband and pals backstage, Dr. Heavenly sneaks up to Mariah’s dressing room door, permanent marker in hand. On Mariah’s door, somewhat inexplicably, is a full-length poster of her own face. Dr. Heavenly takes her marker and smears a mustache on Mariah’s image before adding horns to her head and sneaking back off down the hall. All the while, viewers can hear Mariah’s voice from inside the room.

“So, because I have a fan base, now I have [to deal with this?]” she asks. “Because so many people support me, that’s what’s so crazy about it. They hate that people support me. You know that? She was a fan, she watched the show.”

“You would think some of these older women amongst the group would say, ‘No, we can’t do this,’” she adds.

It’s not long before Dr. Jackie Walters notices Heavenly’s handiwork on Mariah’s poster and all hell breaks loose backstage. The entire cast files into the hallway to check out the defaced face, uttering a repeated chorus of, “How disrespectful.”

“It’s OK, though,” Mariah tells the group before pulling out her own marker and adding to Heavenly’s design. “I guess she was trying to make a crown, so I’ll help her. I’ll help her do it.”

“Y’all, that ghetto s**t gotta go,” she announces. “This is not Married to Hip Hop. She needs to go.”

That’s when Heavenly storms out of god knows where, screaming at Mariah for allegedly speaking negatively about her on Facebook.

“So what?” Mariah fires back. “We’re better than this. You’re better.”

“You threatened my life!” Dr. Heavenly blurts out. “You threatened my life off-camera. Off-camera, you threatened my life.”

You’ll have to tune into part one of Married to Medicine’s three-part reunion on Friday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo to see where things go from there. The reunion continues on March 16 and concludes on March 23. In the meantime, check out the links and video below for more on the show.