Marvel Announces 'Ms. Marvel,' 'Moon Knight' and 'She-Hulk' Disney+ Series

Ms. Marvel
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Plus, new casting and first look footage for 'The Falcon and Winter Soldier' and 'WandaVision.'

When Kevin Feige, head honcho over at Marvel Studios, announced a slew of Disney+ series set in the MCU at Comic-Con, no one expected he would have even more titles to share one month later.

"This being D23, it seemed like you might want some new information," he said onstage during Friday's Disney+ presentation at D23 Expo. "You might want to hear about three new shows..."

That's right, three more shows have been added to Phase 4: Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk. Here is everything we learned about the new series, as well as new casting and first looks at previously announced titles like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision.

Ms. Marvel

The first new series will introduce the MCU's first Muslim superhero: Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager living in Jersey City and a polymorph capable of changing size and shape. She assumes the mantle of Ms. Marvel, which in the comics was a title that belonged to Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson in Captain Marvel).

"You will meet her in her Disney+ series and then you will see her in our films," Feige explained. (Translation: Get ready for Carol and Kamala to meet on the big screen sooner rather than later.) No talent was revealed in front of or behind the camera, but Mindy Kaling and Riz Ahmed previously expressed interest in the project.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight will be "a new action-adventure series" that "is something very unique and exciting for us," Feige announced. Often likened to the Batman of the Marvel universe, Moon Knight is Marc Spector, a mercenary left for dead in the Egyptian desert who now "may or may not be infused with powers from Khonshu the Moon God -- or he might just be crazy." (His comic book counterpart has dissociative identity disorder.)


"Bruce Banner is no longer the only Hulk in the MCU," Feige revealed when he announced that She-Hulk would be coming to the MCU. A fan-favorite character first introduced in the '80s, Jennifer Walters is "a Hulk, she's a lawyer and she's going to star in a show unlike anything we've done before."

In the comics, Jennifer Walters is cousins with Bruce Banner and inherits the ability to Hulk out after receiving an emergency blood transfusion from him. With her newfound powers, she fights in the courtroom by day and takes on supervillains at night. No word yet if Mark Ruffalo will appear.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

We knew that the team-up series would explore the fallout of Endgame, but Feige offhandedly added that the show will also be a "much deeper dive" into both Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes' (Sebastian Stan) backstories. Kari Skogland (The Handmaid's Tale) is directing and Malcom Spellman (Empire) serves as head writer.

In addition to Daniel Brühl, who previously confirmed to be reprising his role as Baron Zemo, Emily VanCamp will be back as Sharon Carter. As for where Agent 13 has been since we last saw her in Captain America: Civil War? "You tell me." The show will also introduce John Walker (Wyatt Russell), who in the comics is a wannabe Captain America who brands himself U.S. Agent.


WandaVision is about "two super-powered beings living their ideal suburban lives who begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems," and director Matt Shakman (It's Always Sunny) and head writer Jac Schaeffer (Black Widow) showcased a sizzle reel to tease the show's "flavor."

The clip was comprised of footage of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) spliced together with black and white footage of Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore from the former's 1961 series.

"As you can see, we're very much inspired by Disney legend Dick van Dyke and his iconic show," Schaeffer said. "It is half classic sitcom and half full-MCU spectacular. And I cannot tell you how we're going to do that."

In addition to Olsen and Bettany and the previously announced Teyonah Parris (playing Monica Rambeau), the cast also includes Kat Denning (returning as Darcy Lewis from Thor), Randall Park (reprising his role as Agent Jimmy Wu from Ant-Man and the Wasp) and Kathryn Hahn as Wanda and Vision's nosy neighbor. "Because there's always a nosy neighbor causing chaos and stirring up trouble," Feige said.


"We're taking Loki to an entirely new part of the MCU," director Kate Herron (Sex Education) teased of the series, which is set in one of Endgame's alternate timelines in which the god of mischief never died in Avengers: Infinity War.

Head writer Michael Waldron (HarmonQuest) chimed in, "The show's going to explore the questions we all have, like, where did Loki go after he picked up the Tesseract in Endgame? Could Loki ever make a friend? And will the sun shine on him again?"

Hiddleston wasn't in attendance himself but sent along a video message. "You'll have to get up to all that mischief without me," he told the crowd. "It will never stop surprising and delighting me that you think he's cool. This journey is not over yet, in fact, it's just begun."

What If...

What If... is Marvel's first venture into animation and director Bryan Andrews (who has worked as a storyboard artist on each of the Avengers film, among others) promised the series will be "everything you get in the Marvel movies but in animated form."

Though the series won't debut until 2021, Andrews and head writer Ashley Bradley previewed early footage, with Jeffrey Wright's The Watcher narrating, "Time, space, reality, it's more than a linear path. It's a prism of endless possibility."

The show will explore what would happen if Star-Lord were...someone else and Bucky Barnes had to face zombie Captain America, but the teaser mainly focused on Peggy Carter (voiced by Hayley Atwell) being given the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers.

The footage ended with Peggy Carter, in a supersuit and brandishing a shield emblazoned with the Union Jack, jumping off a building and landing in a heroes pose, before flipping a truck over her should and flying off with skinny Steve in an Iron Giant-esque Iron Man suit.

"Captain Carter," Atwell, who was on hand for the presentation, grinned as she stared up at her animated alter-ego, "She knows her value, doesn't she?"