Matthew McConaughey and Son Levi Make Rare Video Together to Fundraise for Children in Maui

The father-son duo is fundraising for children in Maui.

Matthew McConaughey and his son are teaming up for a good cause. On Tuesday, the 53-year-old actor took to Instagram to share a video with Levi McConaughey, the 15-year-old son he shares with his wife, Camila Alves, in an effort to raise money for those affected by the deadly Maui wildfires.

The father-son duo sits side-by-side in the clip as they explain how, through both Baby2Baby and their just keep livin foundation, they're focusing on the needs of children amid the disaster.

"We know that you probably already know about all the devastation on the island of Maui. The fires over there have put so many people out of home and have taken so many lives," Matthew says in the clip. "These people need to stabilize to survive."

"Camila, myself and Levi are working with this organization called Baby2Baby. They are working with partners that are on the ground in Maui saying, 'This is what people need right now. This is what the most needy people need.' That's Aloha Diaper Bank, Hawaii Diaper Bank, Maui Food Bank, Pacific Birth Collective and Maui Rapid Response," he continued. "These are people, organizations, on the ground in Maui saying, 'This is what is needed right now.' So if you'd like to help, check out Baby2Baby, see the work they're doing. Or any other way you can help. There's a lot of help that's needed."

Levi, who joined Instagram back in July, concluded the video by telling viewers, "They're going to need it for the long-term, so any way you guys can help, it's appreciated. Thanks, guys."

In the caption, the duo revealed that their family is funding an emergency aid plane "that is filled with hundreds of thousands more emergency supplies that will have an immediate impact on children and families on Maui."

"Grateful we can help get these critical supplies to children and families who need it," Matthew wrote. "If you would like to support relief efforts, please visit @baby2baby - @jklivinfoundation."

Back in April, Matthew, who also shares Vida, 13, and Livingston, 10, with Camila, opened up about his relationship with his kids.

"We're just getting into those teen years. That's a whole new rollercoaster," he said on Chelsea Handler's Dear Chelsea podcast. "With [Levi and Vida] it's getting to that age where I'm starting to become their buddy a little bit, which is cool... We can just talk, where I'm not teaching, I'm not talking as the parent, we're just jiving."

"I noticed early on that these young people are who they are. I can shepherd them, nudge them. I can put in front of them what lights their fire and try to keep them from hurting themselves too bad, but other than that they are who they are," he added, before noting of his parenting, "I'm not making straight As, but I think it's going pretty well. I've got some considerate children. Hopefully they can get out of the house confident, having an idea of who the hell they are and who they're not."