'Mayans M.C.': Carla Baratta Explains How Her Real-Life Pregnancy Was Also Adelita's 'Destiny' (Exclusive)

Carla Baratta
Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic

The actress also hints at what fans will see in upcoming episodes!

Every once in a while, fact and fiction somehow seem to work hand in hand to make something very special happen. 

Such was certainly the case when Mayans M.C. actress Carla Baratta went to the show's creators, before filming season two, to tell them she was expecting her first child -- and they said they were already planning to have her character, Adelita, expecting a child as well.

"I did not know I was gonna be pregnant for the season," she told ET by phone on Monday. "And I didn't know I was gonna be pregnant in real life. And then when I found out and I told them, they told me that that was what was going to happen for Adelita. We were like, 'This is destiny, for sure.'"

Baratta and her husband, Guillermo Garcia, welcomed a baby boy named Diego two months ago. So, she didn't need a prosthetic belly while filming much of season two, which the actress says was a joy, but also sometimes made working much harder.

"It was the best experience of my life if I'm being honest. It was a surprise to us," she said of her pregnancy. "To have [Diego] inside of me and react to scenes… at the end, it was really challenging because it was heavy to walk."

At the end of episode five, [warning: spoilers ahead] Adelita turns herself in to Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) in the hopes that her movement, Los Olvidados, will continue to grow and help Mexican communities, with the help of the Mayans and the Galindo Cartel. However, her baby's father, Angel (Clayton Cardenas), and his brother, EZ (J.D. Pardo), didn't know about the plan and attempted to save her while on the way to the U.S. Attorney.

Despite the brothers' success in freeing her, she demands they let her sacrifice herself, telling Angel that he needs to take charge and keep her long-laid plans in motion.

"This isn't about her. I didn't know it was gonna be that way and I always knew she was the kind of person who helped other people, but I didn't know she was gonna be willing to expose herself the way that she did," Baratta explained.

Previously in the episode, Potter had explained to her that her days ahead were grim, even stating that he intended to use her child in order to get information from her while detained. Baratta hinted that viewers will soon see a different side of her character as she faces interrogation.

"I think there's a big, big change for Adelita. Last season, we get to see the tough side of Adelita, you know? Everything goes the way she planned. But this season, it's more about her sacrificing herself, literally, for the cause," she said. 

"And I think she opened herself to trusting other people. She's trusting Miguel and she's trusting Angel and these guys that she thinks can make things better. She put her ego away," she continued. "It's more about what is really happening. How can I help? I think it's really powerful to see a woman sacrifice herself, especially being pregnant, it has to change her."

And, although Baratta didn't get into specifics regarding the upcoming episodes and the season finale, she hinted that things are definitely going to heat up.

"For Adelita, this is gonna end with…fire and, oh my god, I don't know… She's gonna want to chop some heads," she teased of upcoming events on the show.

This is a particularly interesting hint, considering all of season two comes after another mysterious fire, which injured Dita Galindo (Ada Maris). 

Also in episode five, Emily (Sarah Bolger) confronted Miguel (Danny Pino) regarding his relationship with Adelita, forcing him to admit that he's not in love with her -- but he envies her status as a savior of Mexicans everywhere. And EZ and Angel continued to grow closer after the former revealed to the MC that he is going to be a father.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.