Meg Ryan Reveals How Her Kids Feel About Her 'When Harry Met Sally' Orgasm Scene

The actress' two children have a unique viewpoint on the iconic scene.

Meg Ryan is revealing how her kids feel about one of her most famous scenes. In a conversation with Carol Burnett for Interview Magazine, the 61-year-old rom-com queen shares her kids' feelings towards the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally.

Ryan shares Jack Quaid, 31, with her ex-husband, Dennis Quaid. She's also mom to 19-year-old Daisy True Ryan, whom she adopted in 2006.

In the 1989 film, Ryan's character Sally pretends to have an orgasm while eating at Katz's Deli with Billy Crystal's character Harry. The iconic scene, Ryan reveals, was shot "over and over and over again."

"It's funny, my son just called me this morning and he's in New York staying at a hotel that's right across the street from Katz's Deli. My daughter was here and everybody was on speaker, and they were like, 'Mom, this is a very unique embarrassment,'" Ryan recalls. "He said, 'You know you can go into that deli and there's an arrow pointing down to the table where you shot that scene.' I wonder if it's the right one."

After starring in When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in SeattleYou've Got Mail and other beloved rom-coms, Ryan receded from the spotlight. She's making her way back, though, with What Happens Later, a rom-com she co-wrote, directed, and starred in.

In the film, Ryan stars alongside David Duchovny as former lovers who are reunited and snowed in as a storm delays their respective connecting flights. As optimist Willa (Ryan) and pessimist Bill (Duchovny) unpack their shared history two decades after their split, their enduring personal connection appears undeniable. 

"He's really smart and he's such a unique kind of funny that we all thought he would be so perfect for Bill," Ryan says of her co-star. "... They sent him the script and then we Zoomed... We got to know each other over these Zoom calls and some of those conversations found their way into the script, too."

"I hadn't done a role in a really long time, but it was fun with David," she adds. "A lot of it was done in two shots. I'm proud of that. I set up everything beforehand so that once we were there, it was just David and I trying to tell the truth."

What Happens Later will hit theaters Nov. 3.