Megan Thee Stallion Says She Still Has 'Bullet Fragments' in Her Feet After Allegedly Being Shot by Tory Lanez

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Megan Thee Stallion is still reeling, both physically and mentally, from allegedly being shot in the foot by Tory Lanez. The 27-year-old rapper covers the July issue of Rolling Stone, and, in the accompanying interview, discusses the alleged incident and its lasting impact.

"What nobody knows is, I had to get the surgery the same night [as the alleged incident]," Megan says. "I stayed in the hospital in California for maybe four days. Then I was in New York for a while. Both of my legs wrapped up. I could not walk. I still have bullet fragments in my feet right now. I was very scared that I was not able to be Megan Thee Stallion no more. And I was f**ked up."

In October 2020, Tory was charged with a felony count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, a felony count of carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle and for personal use of a firearm. Megan, who was granted a protective order against Tory, has claimed that Tory shot her during the alleged July incident.

Tory has pleaded not guilty to the charges and has previously said that "the truth will come out." He has been barred from speaking publicly about the case, which is set to go to trial in September. At the conclusion of the trial, Megan says, "I want him to go to jail. I want him to go under the jail."

Prior to the alleged incident, Megan tells the mag, she believed she and Tory "had a real connection," one that was formed due to the loss of their mothers.

"I thought he knew me. And I never would’ve thought he would’ve shot at me at all," she says.  "I never put my hands on this man. I never did anything to him. There was an argument. People argue every day. Friends argue every day."

Back in April, Tory was taken into custody for his social media posts directed at Megan.

"I feel like you’ve already tried to break me enough. You’ve already shot me. So, why are you dragging it out like this?" Megan questions. "Like, what else? Have you hated me this much the whole time and I didn’t see it?"

Megan Thee Stallion Rolling Stone Cover
Ramona Rosales for Rolling Stone

It's not only Tory's social media activity that Megan has had to deal with. In the wake of the alleged shooting, she's also faced negative comments and false narratives from strangers on social media.

"I think it’s so crazy that people are able to get online or publish anything that is not a 100 percent fact," Megan says. "That really is messing with my life. How are you able to do it and get away with it?" 

Though not all the social media comments are negative, the trolls' posts always stick out.

"When I see Thee Hotties care about my mental health, they’ll be like, 'OK, girl, you don’t want to get online. That’s fine. Oh, Megan, I’m just sending you love and support today.' I’m like, 'Y’all know my spirit!'" Megan says, before describing how, amid all of her fans' support, "there is also 20 people at-ing me at one time, saying crazy stuff."

"​​I see people saying, 'Damn, I would’ve shot that b**ch too.' In some kind of way I became the villain," she says. "And I don’t know if people don’t take it seriously because I seem strong. I wonder if it’s because of the way I look. Is it because I’m not light enough? Is it that I’m not white enough? Am I not the shape? The height? Because I’m not petite? Do I not seem like I’m worth being treated like a woman?"

Megan adds, "I’m trying every day to get through it and be good. I feel so bad because I don’t feel like anybody’s taking me seriously, but I don’t want them to see me cry. I don’t want them to know that I feel like this, because I don’t want them to feel like, 'Oh, I got you. I’m breaking you.'"

While Megan believes that "it's a gift" that she's "so strong," she notes that "it’s also a curse because it makes things get kind of lonely sometimes."

"Everybody’s kind of like, 'Well, you good. You got it. I ain’t messing with you,'" she says. "So I feel like it makes people treat me not as delicate as I would like them to."

To combat her struggles on her own, Megan often coaches herself by saying things like, "Right now we’re going through some dark things. You are built for this. God must got something good planned for you, because I don’t think he’ll put you through this if he wasn’t going to give you your reward at the end."

It's a sentiment she hopes others going through challenging times can adopt into their own lives.

"OK, yes, I very much went through that. Yes, it’s very f**ked up, but I’m still me. Look at everything I can accomplish and everything I can do in the face of it," Megan says. "I’m still not letting nothing knock me down to take me off my game. So you shouldn’t let nothing take you off your game, either. Because if I can get through this s**t, you could get through your s**t."

Megan wasn't exaggerating about her ability to accomplish a lot. She recently graduated college, starred in a Super Bowl commercial, performed at the Oscars, wowed at Coachella, and won big at the Billboard Music Awards, all while working on new music.

"I've definitely been a little absent on social media 'cause I've been getting my mind right, I've been working on my music," she told ET in February. "So this year when I finally do pop back out, it's gonna be like, 'She was really working.'"


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