Meghan Markle Not Expected to Return for 'Suits' Final Season, Creator Says

Creator Aaron Korsh told reporters that he has 'discussed' with Patrick J. Adams a potential return for the swan song.

Will Meghan Markle return for Suits' farewell season?

When USA Network officially announced that the upcoming ninth season would be the legal drama's last, rumors swirled that original cast members who had since left, most notably Markle, could return for one last hurrah. On Tuesday, Suits creator Aaron Korsh addressed whether they were actively looking to reunite with Markle, who played Rachel Zane for seven seasons, and is currently expecting her first child with Prince Harry.

"We're not currently pursuing asking Meghan Markle to leave her position with the royal family and join us," Korsh told a handful of reporters, including ET, at the Television Critics Association press tour. "I would love it but I think it's pretty close to zero."

Korsh also addressed the more realistic chances that Patrick J. Adams, who departed at the end of season seven, could reprise his role one last time as attorney Mike Ross in the series finale.

"I have discussed with Patrick when he left the possibility of coming back, and we both decided if the time was right and he was up for it and he had the time, that we would do it," Korsh said.

The writers' room for the final 10 episodes of Suits is starting up soon, he noted, and the first order of business will be to "figure out what we want to do."

"I don't mean just in a general sense, like wanting Mike is not a story. We'd have to figure out exactly what we would do with him and we'd have to have a general plan," he added. "I wouldn't break every story or the story so specifically before contacting Patrick and saying, 'This is the general thing we'd do, are you available?' Then we'd move from there. Since we just started... it's on our brains."

Korsh admitted that he doesn't have destinations in mind, necessarily, for the Suits characters and where he'd like people like Harvey, Donna and Louis to end up by the series' end. 

"We're starting to discuss all the things. All of them left at various stages at the end of [the season eight finale] and you start from there, you start where you want them to go, you figure out how much time you have and along the way, things can change," he said. "The finale that's coming up, we ended in a radically different way than I would've thought we were going to end it two days before we started shooting it. I can't know until after we've shot it, exactly what's going to happen with everyone but we're in the beginning process of figuring it out."

Asked if he had the final image of the Suits series finale in mind, Korsh was honest, telling ET, "No." 

Earlier this month, Korsh was less sure about whether he would be asking old cast members to return for the final season.

"As of this minute, I don’t know which of our old original cast will be back and which won’t because we’re so early in the season," he told Deadline at the time. "As far as the original people coming back including, Jessica, we’re so early in the season that we haven’t formulated what we want to do, so we can’t reach out to people before we know what we want to do."

Suits airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.