Meghan McCain Faces Off Against Donald Trump Jr. on 'The View': 'Was It Worth It?'

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Meghan McCain had some pointed questions for Donald Trump Jr. when he joined the ladies of The View on Thursday.

The co-host first had a lengthy inquiry she had pre-written for the son of President Donald Trump about how his father treated Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son was killed while serving in the U.S. Army. The Khans talked about the now-president's policies at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and were ridiculed by Donald Sr.

After a lot of back-and-forth between Donald Jr., Meghan and the other women at the table, including Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Donald Jr.'s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, the subject turned to Meghan's late father, Senator John McCain, and what the president said about him in the past. 

"I think she didn’t appreciate that your father attacked her father," Sunny tells Donald Jr.

Meghan agrees, chiming in, "I didn't."

"I understand, I’m sorry about that," Donald Jr. replies. "They did have differences, I agree with that."

The 41-year-old businessman then offered his condolences to the 35-year-old daytime co-host for the loss of both her father and more recently her aunt. "And again, I’m sorry for the loss, I think you lost your aunt last night, so I do apologize for that as well," he says to her.

"I did lose an aunt last night. Yes, I did. Thank you," she confirms.

Further addressing how she feels the president has negatively treated others, in particular her father, Meghan -- whose father ran against Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election -- continues, "For me, it would not have been worth it. This would have not been worth it. And I think people can go to the moment when my dad had stopped someone from saying Obama was a Muslim and the pain, inflicting pain, on so many people wouldn’t have been worth it to me or my family to the White House."

Meghan then point-blank asks Donald Jr., "So, I just want to know: Is it worth it?"

"I think it depends on the hat that I’m wearing, you know, for me as a citizen, as a father of kids in New York City. You know, it hasn’t exactly been peaches and cream for us either," he answers. "But when it is worth it is when I do go around the country and I see people who are affected by these policies, who are getting to live their American dream again."

Kimberly, a former Fox News host, then chimes in about her relationship with Meghan's dad and becomes teary-eyed thinking about the late politician and her own parents who died. "I knew your father for so many years," she tells Meghan. "It breaks my heart to hear anybody say anything about your father, I understand that, and I know how difficult it is."

Further defending Donald Jr., Kimberly adds, "And I know how difficult it is for him when everybody is attacking his family, they’re out in front of our apartment, they want to put him in jail."

Meghan replies, "With all due respect, his father wasn’t dying of cancer."

"I understand that, having lost both my parents to cancer," Kimberly says. "This is tough. I would like there to be more civility in politics."

"Can somebody just say they’re sorry?" Whoopi then asks.

Trying to wrap up the interview, Meghan tells Kimberly, "Try and bring civility back then."

Back in September, Meghan spoke with ET's Keltie Knight about why there aren't more Republican guests on The View.

"It's not always a nice environment for Republicans but I also think that if you can't come and do our table, you have no business being in politics or elected office or god forbid the presidency," she said, before adding, "Because if this scares you, you gotta grow up."

Meghan quipped, "If you can't handle Joy and Meghan, you shouldn't be running for office."

Here's more with Meghan and how she feels about being the conservative voice on the panel.


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