Melissa McCarthy Shares Why She Can't Watch 'Gilmore Girls' in Her Own Home

The actress played Sookie St. James on the beloved mother-daughter comedy.

Melissa McCarthy loved her time in Stars Hollow, but she's not always keen to return to her role on Gilmore Girls, especially not in her own house.

In a preview clip of her upcoming interview with Willie Geist on Sunday Today, the Little Mermaid star reflects on her time on the Amy Sherman-Palladino hit mother-daughter comedy and shares why she's never watched it with her own daughter.

McCarthy -- who played Sookie St. James, the clumsy chef and best friend to Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) on the hit series -- is mom to 16-year-old daughter Vivian and 13-year-old daughter Georgette Falcone, whom she shares with husband Ben Falcone.

While speaking with Geist, McCarthy notes that she's only ever watched the pilot of Gilmore Girls with Vivian once.

"I watched it with Vivian once, my oldest, and we watched the pilot...and I was watching her watch it. I'm also always afraid somehow, something's going to happen, and I'm going to be found in a room watching my own thing. So I have a super paranoia about, 'I can't watch my own stuff in the house,'" McCarthy says.

"For some reason I'm always like, 'What if I pass out and paramedics come in and the takeaway is she was watching her own stuff, pretty weird,'" the actress quips. "It's all I ever think of when we turn on [the TV] and it's me. I'm like, 'Ooo, God. Do I feel light headed?' I don't want to pass out in a room where my stuff is playing."

'Gilmore Girls' stars Lauren Graham and Melissa McCarthy in April 2003. - Chris Polk/FilmMagic

McCarthy does understand the show's cultural impact.

"It has had this generational, young people that watched it and now they've had their kids and their kids are watching it with their own friends," McCarthy acknowledges. "It's had legs on it that I didn't expect. It was a really comforting little world that Amy created. It was really fun to do. It was working with such nice people, and just to have a regular job. No one was more shocked than me, or maybe my parents."

McCarthy played Sookie for all seven seasons of the show's original run. In 2016 when the show was picked up for the Netflix reboot, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, there were reports that McCarthy had chosen not to appear.

At the time, McCarthy tweeted, "No one asked me or Sookie to come back to Stars Hollow. Wish them all the best!!"

Despite the drama, McCarthy did make a brief cameo in the final episode of the reboot.

These days, she is taking on a much more sinister role as the sea witch Ursula in the live-action remake of Disney's The Little Mermaid.

"I just thought she's such a broad, but she's also a stunted mere-person," McCarthy told ET of the role. "She's damaged, but she has been alone a long time, which I found very interesting to play after we'd all been in isolation for two years."

The Little Mermaid hits theaters on Friday, May 26, while Gilmore Girls is currently streaming on Netflix.