Michelle Obama Shows Off Her Abs in New Workout Photo: 'I’m Always Glad I Hit the Gym'

Michelle Obama
Josh Brasted/FilmMagic

The former First Lady shared an inspirational workout selfie in honor of #SelfCareSunday.

Even though she's no longer living in the White House as the first lady, Michelle Obama is still an outspoken champion for healthy living.

Obama took to Instagram on Sunday to share a snapshot of her workout regimen, and she shared an inspirational message about putting in the work required to reach your fitness goals.

The photo showed the author and celebrated political figure performing a lunge while lifting an exercise ball above her head, all while rocking workout gear that showed off her fit figure.

"It doesn’t always feel good in the moment. But after the fact, I’m always glad I hit the gym," Obama captioned the pic. "How did you all take care of yourself on this #SelfCareSunday?"

While serving as first lady during her husband's two terms in office, one of her major causes was leading a campaign to encourage healthy eating among America's youth, and it seems that, even in her post-White House life, she's still trying to spread the word about living your best, healthiest life.

The icon's inspirational post comes just a few weeks after she and her husband, Barack, celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary with some wildly heartwarming Instagram messages.

"27 years ago, this guy promised me a life full of adventure. I’d say he’s delivered," she wrote on Oct. 3, alongside a snapshot of the happy couple standing together on a deck overlooking a beach. 

"Here’s to our next chapter of becoming empty nesters and discovering what’s next—while still feeling the magic that brought us together all those years ago," she continued. "Happy anniversary, Barack."

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