Michelle Pfeiffer Shares Why She Finds Instagram 'Terrifying'

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Michelle Pfeiffer is terrified of social media, yet is "excited" to share her life with her fans.

The 60-year-old actress joined Instagram in January, and has been getting used to showing the world a more intimate look into her daily life.

"It’s been terrifying for me, honestly," Pfeiffer shares in a new interview with InStyle for its March issue. “I’ve spent my entire life avoiding, doing as little as possible, in terms of exposure -- literally the least that I could get away with as an actress."

While Pfeiffer was tempted to join social media before, she realized how helpful it would be to connect with other actors and co-stars after Elle Fanning shared a welcome message for her when she joined Maleficent 2.

"It was so sweet, and I wanted to respond, but I couldn’t,” Pfeiffer recalls. “I had no format. I didn’t tweet. I didn’t have Instagram. I had nothing. But I’ve started paying more attention. And I’ve been following other celebrities who I think are as private as I am, and even they are venturing into the Instagram world. So I’m dipping my toe in. I’ll be very tentative in the beginning. But in a weird way, I’m kind of excited about it.”

With just a couple posts in, Pfeiffer is a total Instagram natural, even teasing her Queen Ingrith role in Maleficent 2 a week ago. And while her first post was a throwback to her Batman Returns days as Catwoman, don't expect her to rewatch her previous work.

“I’m not tempted at all,” she says. “I don’t like watching myself ever, whether it’s 30 years later or the rushes from the day before. I’m just so critical. I’m a perfectionist, and there’s nothing perfect in what I do.” She laughs. “So I’m happier when I don’t watch.”

As far as what her favorite roles to take on are, she admits it's the bad girls!

"Villains are just more complex, and that’s fun as an actor,” she explains. “It’s interesting to figure out how to bring humanity to the part. That’s real life. Things are never black and white.”

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