Michelle Williams’ 12-Year-Old Daughter Won’t Be Seeing ‘Venom’ for This Reason (Exclusive)

The actress also shared the prerequisite that her next film must have!

Michelle Williams may be proud of her new film, Venom, but that doesn’t mean her 12-year-old daughter, Matilda, is going to see it!

ET spoke with the actress at the L.A. premiere of the new Marvel film on Monday, where she admitted that, although it’s a superhero film, it’s still a bit too frightful for her youngster, whose father is the late Heath Ledger.

“She's not into anything that's scary, so this is not going to be for her,” she said, before elaborating that it’s the titular character’s terrifying teeth that is likely a dealbreaker. “Yeah, I think that, like, the fangs would out fun anything for her.”

In the film, Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock, a journalist investigating the Life Foundation, which appears to be doing some questionable testing on humans. In the process, Brock comes into contact with a symbiote, an alien lifeform that takes over his body and gives him superpowers. Williams plays Anne Weying, a district attorney and Brock's girlfriend, who is caught in the middle.

Hardy also chatted with ET about his own child on the red carpet, stating that 10-year-old Louis had lots of advice on his character.

"He was pretty much in the driving seat for most of it, and I did use him as my anthology and mythology wizard,” Hardy said. "He told me what I was doing wrong and I was doing more things wrong than I was doing right because children are deeply honest. He was my little spirit guide in that aspect. So as far as I’m concerned, I passed his [test], and that’s the best I could do.”

Williams also shared the one thing that must be a part of her next film — it’s gotta be filmed in the Big Apple!

“I don't know, whatever shoots in New York City,” she said when asked what genres or project interest her. Considering she’s raising Matilda in NYC, we don’t blame her!

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