Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Get Extremely Competitive at Charity Ping Pong Match

The couple was adorable while competing against L.A. Dodgers player Clayton Kershaw.

Kunis and Kutcher vs. Kershaw! 

Don’t challenge Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to a ping pong match unless you’re prepared to face the consequences.

Everyone’s favorite celebrity couple went all-out at the Kershaw’s Challenge 6th Annual PingPong4Purpose Tournament on Thursday. Kunis and Kutcher took on the event’s host, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw, and his teammate. Despite competing with a professional athlete, the two stars didn’t seem intimidated. 

In fact, they were having a blast, showing extreme intensity when hitting the ball, jumping in the air when they scored, and giving one another high-fives when the other made a particularly good shot. 

The Kershaw’s Challenge Instagram account event shared one particularly hilarious photo of the pair celebrating a victory. 

Kunis, 35, and Kutcher, 40, already had a celebrity cheering section. Bachelor in Paradise stars Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon also attended the event and dished to ET about getting to see the actors in action. 

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"We’re really excited because recently Mila talked about us in an interview,” Iaconetti told ET. “Ashton once tweeted at Jared and was like, ‘Who is this Jared guy who looks like me?”

“And I fangirled,” Haibon admitted. 

In addition to dominating the ping pong court, the A-list couple also palled around with actor Matthew McConaughey at the event and chatted with Kershaw himself, who they met in a very unconventional way. 

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Kunis actually told the story of her first interaction with the 30-year-old MLB athlete during an appearance on The Late Late Show earlier this month.

“I take the kids to this Mommy & Me class,” the mother of two shared. “All of a sudden, I turn around and I feel this big shadow, and I know it’s not my husband. It’s Kershaw. Clayton Kershaw is in -- he’s going to hate me for saying this -- he’s in my Mommy & Me class.” 

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After admitting she “didn’t play it cool,” she revealed that Kutcher took over Mommy & Me to hang out with Kershaw. When host James Corden suggested they were “probably best friends,” Kunis replied, “I wouldn’t know. I'm not invited in this club.” 

For more fun from the tournament, watch the clip below!


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