Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell Try to Convince Channing Tatum to Strip

Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum
Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell are just trying to give America what they want!

The two Bad Moms co-stars appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s RED Shopathon 2018 on Monday night, where they used their skills to try and sell a TV, which happened to feature Channing Tatum on it. 

"It’s Channing Tatum. He is pure man candy and I’m telling you I have a sweet tooth!” Bell gushed.

As Tatum pretended to act out a fake role, Bell looked concerned, saying, "Wait, this movie seems serious, I’m worried he won’t take his shirt off."

"Well, he better take something off,” Kunis noted. 

Tatum then turned to the two ladies from inside the TV, saying, "Wait, really? I’m a serious actor, OK? All you care about is whether I’m going to take off, I don’t know, show some skin or something. Yeah, I am talking to you ladies. I’m more than just a piece of meat. I’m a piece of meat with feelings.”

He then made his way out onto the stage as his Jupiter Ascending co-star Kunis was declaring him “smoking H-O-T.” 

When Kimmel’s longtime pal and security guard, Guillermo Rodriguez, asked to take a selfie with him shirtless, Tatum walked away. 

"Take it off! A little bit! Just the shoulder,” Kunis urged the Magic Mike star. 

"I’m not a piece of meat!” Tatum jokingly screamed back. 

Backstage at the event, Tatum seemed more embarrassed about meeting one of his idols while wearing an unusual outfit. 

“Usually I’m not such a fan girl about all of this, but I got to meet one of my idols, like legends, a minute ago,” Tatum said in a funny Instagram clip. “I’m not making fun of anybody that dresses like this normally, but usually I don’t dress with khakis in my butt and red slippers on. And this is how I met Snoop Dogg.”

For more from Tatum, watch the clip below: 


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