Miley Cyrus Couldn't Be Happier With Liam Hemsworth: Inside Their Relationship (Exclusive)

A source tells ET the two are doing just fine, and thought the breakup report earlier this week was 'funny.'

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are laughing off the report from earlier this week that claimed the two had broken up.

ET learned on Thursday that the lovebirds are still very much together, and it appears the singer is happier than ever.

"She and Liam think the rumors of their breakup are funny. Everything is fine between Miley and Liam," a source tells ET. "She does want people to know that any speculation that a breakup is about to happen, is wrong!"

"Miley is happier than she has been in years. She's had her ups and downs and finally feels as if she's found herself and her purpose. She looks and feels healthier today," the source continues. "At this point, Liam is exactly who she wants in her life and they find every way possible to spend as much time together as they can. Even with their non-stop schedules."

Cyrus, 25, and Hemsworth, 28, first starting dating after meeting on the set of The Last Song in 2009. They got engaged in 2012, but broke up the following year. The two rekindled their romance in 2016, with Cyrus once again sporting her engagement ring.

Although their engagement has been back on for nearly two years now, the source tells ET the pair are still in no rush to tie the knot.

"It's important for Miley to take things slow," the source says. "They still talk about it all the time, but she wants to keep those details private. She felt that all the pressure of a wedding put unnecessary strain on their relationship."

"Right now, she wants to focus on her music career and support the man she plans to spend the rest of her life with," the source adds. "Like all couples, Liam and Miley fight, but they both agree they are in it for the long run."

The source says that the one topic they can't always agree on is children. Although they both wants kids someday, Cyrus "isn't ready," while Hemsworth "has been ready for over a year."

"Liam is very close to his brother [Chris Hemsworth] who has three children [with wife Elsa Pataky] and he doesn't want the ages of the cousins to be too far apart," the source says. "He envisions them all spending family holidays together, traveling together."

"Miley absolutely loves her sister-in-law and spending family time with Elsa and Chris, but babies are just not Miley's priority," the source continues. "Liam has a hard time accepting that and that causes some problems, but their relationship is as strong as ever, and I'm sure they will figure this out."

While Cyrus and Hemsworth are continuing to take things slow, an additional source told ET in March that the former Disney star has been planning out the details of their nuptials.

"Miley has come up with all sorts of different wedding plans. She is always creative and thinking of new ideas that will make her experience different, but recently she decided she would make it simple,” the source said at the time. "She hasn't announced anything because she is being very secretive, so only their friends will know and at the very last minute. This time they are doing everything their own way."

"This has been such a long, drawn-out process," the source added. "They joke about the idea that when they finally get married, people won't believe it's real!"

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